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Top 6 Challenges for Software Development across Geographies

Paul Kovalenko Paul Kovalenko | September 3, 2018 | 2 min

There are many obvious benefits of outsourcing your business processes including cost advantages and increased efficiency. Nevertheless, experts have pointed out certain pitfalls that companies face with when they start to outsource. Cultural differences, the various communication styles, different time zones, diversity in expectation, differences in experience and perception are the main reasons that could pose challenges of successful collaboration. Mentioned pitfalls as well as the ways how to overcome them should be considered before you decide to outsource.

offshore software development#1 Perception

The positive perception is the key element of successful communication. However, the previous unpleasant experience coupled with the negative biases form current expectations and communication styles. Clear guidelines and boundaries should be established before the first contact for both teams.

#2 Communication

The lack of contact, the abrupt introduction of offshore team and poor communication channels jeopardise the success of relationship. One the one hand, regular communication channels should be established, on the other hand, messages should be issued in standardized and predictable format. This will facilitate the teams to contact efficiently and solve urgent issues.

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#3 Culture

Often offshore team’s members need time and support to learn onsite team’s operation mode and standards. They need some introduction to the American business culture and work ethic. At the same time, the offshore team’s expectations and style of work should be considered by the onsite team’s members.

#4 Synchronization

It’s necessary to remember the time difference and take into account calendars and holidays of both countries in order to establish an efficient mutual work schedules for both teams.communication with your offshore team

#5 Point of Contact

Easy avoidable issues may arise in the following cases:

  • If the point of contact is continuously unavailable;
  • More than one of contacts is established;
  • The point of contact is chosen based on the nationality instead of the expertise area.

#6 Hostility

Dues to the lack of mutual respect, unhealthy competition and insecurity, the work of company often suffers. The implementation of aforementioned recommendations can prevent this.

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