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UI Design and UX Prototyping Services

Why us?

We are dedicated to bring you the ability to create interactive, seamless, flexible and beautiful solutions based on your individual preferences. From blueprints and wireframes to prototypes and mockups, we ensure all the stages of the development process with our UI/UX Design and Development services.

What you receive?

We provide a wide range of UI &UX approaches to ensure an efficient and engaging application design. Our UI &UX services include:


Creation of an attractive interface brings with it the success of any application. With our UI and UX design, we can build a solution with the innovative functionality that aligns with your specific requirements. At Langate, we spend time to do in-depth research and a user story mapping to realize your goals.

Research makes us possible:

  • To create business opportunities
  • To refine your products and services
  • To tap the user behavior and preferences
  • To identify user needs and create better user engagement

Experience Design

Our experienced UX engineers create wireframe designs which allow you to observe whether it fits your product requirements. We build seamless interfaces with unique exceptional navigational tools. Work with our talents to ensure outstanding user experience design.

Experience Design let us:

  • Find better customer engagement options and various interdependencies in the business
  • Fix problems related to your products and services
  • Generate new approaches for branding
  • Add value to your products and services
  • Explore customer requirements and modify services

Interface Design

We apply innovative UI and UX techniques that end up into a high level interaction design. We carve the designs that realize the concept through graphics, animation and other UI tools. 

Interface Design is crucial because:

  • It creates an interactive space between service provider and end user
  • It displays relevant content at the right time
  • It enhances customer communication and retention

Front End Development

From HTML5 and CSS to JavaScript and other technologies, we build creative beautiful user interfaces to attract and retain your visitors. Our UI designers create innovative solutions that bring with it interactive mock-ups, includes major front-end frameworks and provide the final designed concept.

Brand Identity is vital because:

  • It attracts customers
  • It delivers the company’s message and goals
  • It justifies your company’s web presence
  • It gets a competitive edge over others
  • It creates an impactful business image

Your UI & UX Design benefits

With well-thought-out UX and carefully designed UI, you can more effectively promote your application or website

Make UI Design and UX Prototyping that work for you:

  • Reduce your marketing and promotional costs with our great UI & UX design services
  • Increase your lead-to-revenue costs by building a great UI application that provides a high conversion of your product or services
  • Secure your solution from bad user experience and prevent misusage and misunderstanding  of your product with good prototyping
  • Modern high-quality design and prototyping let your product  to enjoyably cooperate with your target audience which is crucial while entering a new market

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