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UI/UX Design & Prototyping Services

Forrester’s research has revealed that every $1 invested in UX brings $100 in return. Such an astonishing ROI is explained by the fact that the right UX/UI design influences engagement, conversion, and retention. If you are looking for a reliable UX/UI services provider, Langate is what you need, as we know how to showcase your brand identity and exceed any user expectations. 

Our UI/UX Services 

We provide a wide range of UI & UX approaches to ensure an efficientengaging and user-friendly application designOur UI & UX services include: 

User Experience Research 

According to statistics, the cost of fixing an error after development is 100x that of fixing it before development. However, with UX research these losses can be avoided, because it helps understand the target audience and their pains and finally create a product that successfully serves the users.   

At Langate, we pay specific attention to in-depth research and user story mapping for the following purposes: 

  • Analyze the user behavior and preferences 
  • Identify user needs and create better user engagement 
  • Refine your products and services 

User Experience Design 

UX product design is our field of expertise. Our talented UX engineers create wireframe designs that allow you to see whether it fits your product requirements and which usability improvements are necessary to make. We build seamless interfaces with unique exceptional navigational tools. Utilize all the benefits of our user experience design services to ensure outstanding results. 

User Experience Design makes it possible to: 

  • Simplify the usage of a software and create smooth navigation 
  • Reduce costs for development and bug fixing 
  • Increase software productivity 

User Interface Design 

We apply up-to-date UI techniques that lead to high-level interactive design. With the help of graphics, animation, and various UI elements, we manage to enhance usability and increase user engagement. 

User Interface Design is crucial because it helps to: 

  • Increase end-user engagement and retention rate 
  • Increase ROI   
  • Stand out from competition 

Front End Development 

Our software engineers make sure that your product looks visually attractive and works on any platform including webmobile and desktop. While striving for the best results, we always triple-test your product to get a clean code. We utilize the following technologies for our front-end development services: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Node.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap and others. 

With our front-end development services, you can achieve the following goals: 

  • Operate smoothly on any platform 
  • Ensure clean and working code 
  • Better website performance and SEO-friendliness 

Design Tools We Use 

The choice of tools for your project is based on product complexity and the number of stakeholders involved. Regardless of the tool utilized, we always ensure the simple feedback collection process and easy transfer of design files to software developers.  

  • Figma 
  • Sketch 
  • Moqups 
  • Miro 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe XD 
  • Adobe After Effects 

Our UX/UI Design Approach 

Our main goal is to create an intuitive and flexible design that helps you reach your business goals. So before starting working on a design we fully analyze your company needs, target audience and the specifications of the niche.  

UX Research 

We research who the end-users are and conduct user interviews to better understand their problems and needs. Based on the information collected we create a customer journey map that allows us to create a unique user experience within your app.   

Visual Research 

We research your competitorsthe trends in your countryand the industry to collect all UI ideas onto one mood boardOur team makes sure that your design is uptodate and fit into business requirements. 

UI/UX Strategy 

Langate designers create wireframes to visualize the inspiration we found during the research phase and discuss all the necessary changes with youWe also build prototypes to see our potential design plans and ideas and we want to see how well it satisfies your goals before we commence building the final product. 

A/B Testing 

Our primary goal is to create a design that maximizes your business potential. So, we run A/B tests to compare various versions of the design and understand which one performs better for a given conversion goal. 

Your UI & UX Design Benefits of Working with Langate 

well-thought-out UX and carefully designed UI have numerous benefits that will help your business from the start and will continue to contribute to its growth over time.  

Enhancing User Experience 

Good prototyping helps business to avoid bad user experience and monetary losses associated with it. 

Resonating with Your Target Market 

Modern high-quality design and prototyping lets your product resonate with your target audience enjoyably, which is crucial while entering a new market.  

Increasing Lead-to-Revenue Cost 

Increase your lead-to-revenue profits by building a great UI application that ensures high conversion rates of your product or services. 

Increasing Brand Awareness 

Increase your brand recognition with a consistent design that supports your identity across all platforms and devices.  

Reducing Promotional Expenses  

Invest resources in great UI design services to reduce your marketing and promotional costs in the long runlet the design speak for itself. 

Why Us? 

Over 17 Years of Experience 

Langate has developed more than 50 professional solutions for a variety of businesses. With 17+ years of experience, we’ve learned the best practices of UI/UX and will apply all our knowledge to your project. 

Strong Communication 

The success of the end product depends heavily on the quality of communication with the client and the understanding of their vision. The use of modern communication tools and techniques that allow clients to see the progress of the project helps us deliver the best possible user experience services. 

Skillful Designers 

Langate ensures that our clients get only the best UI/UX design services and that would not be possible without talented and skilled employees. We have a strict selection process so that you can choose from the best of the best for your goals. 

Results-Driven Approach  

Our UI/UX design company strives to help businesses achieve their goals through high-quality design. Profound research and constant testing of ideas are what helps us create designs that convert. 

Contact Us 

If you are searching for a reliable UX and UI design services provider, Langate is what you need. Contact us and let’s create something special together! 


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