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Solution Analysis & Consulting Services

Our experienced engineers help you find out which technology solutions meet your business goals best.

Rely on us and discover the weaknesses of your business process. We provide you a consultation on what technical issues might appear and how prevent them completely.

We will develop useful and easy-to-use tools so that you could simplify, improve and accelerate your business workflow.

What we do?


Our in-depth analytics and dedicated consulting allow us to identify your business inefficiencies and eliminate them. 

Firstly, we will find out the core of the issue and then provide the proper technology stack for your business workflow.

What problems can we solve?

From business and system to operational analysis, our holistic approach includes all the stages of solution analysis.

We ensure effective solution delivery by developing a strategic plan. Our specialists cooperate with your management team to have a full understanding of your business process. With transparent collaboration process and in-depth analysis, we provide result-driven solutions to meet your budget and business goals. 

Business analysis 



  • Identifying business problems
  • Estimating business opportunities
  • Objectives summary
  • Reporting the results

System analysis 



  • Investigation of current system
  • Identification of user requirements


  • Analysis of infrastructure
  • Revealing of the bottlenecks

Operational analysis

  • Data flow and storage analysis
  • Analysis of alternatives
  •  Performance metrics


  • Risk review
  • Decision making and Decision support systems

Rely on us

We help you develop a set of measures to modify, refactor and redesign your current solution or create a brand new one that will meet your specific strategic and financial goals. 

With our customized approach to every client, we provide a guidance on how to meet the challenges of large-scale software development like:

  • Keeping within the fixed budget
  • On-time software delivery


  • Adapting processes to meet your specific business goals
  • Replacement of your current system with a new one

What are your benefits?


Our experts will implement continuous integration and deployment to maximize your system up-time to 99,9 %


We will help you move your processes into the Cloud based platforms.


The proper management of your data flow and operational processes will prevent the leakage of your confidential and sensitive business data.


We will help you automate your workflow which will reduce your expenses for human resources.


Our decision making and decision support systems will eliminate the human factor and protect against making wrong decisions.


The implementation of cross-platform systems will raise the number of your clients, positive customer experience and eventually increase your revenue.

Contact us

Being experts in technology solution consulting, we will reveal your business problems and recommend the most appropriate solution for your business. We strive to provide help businesses to become more efficient through increased efficiency, reduced costs and investments return. Connect us and discover how our analytics consulting can drive a strategic success for your business.


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