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Microsoft PowerApps Development Services 

According to statistics, 86% of Fortune 500 companies are currently utilizing the benefits of Microsoft PowerApps along with many other organizations of every size, location and niche. If you also want to leverage the potential of PowerApps, our experienced Microsoft PowerApps developers can help you.   

Langate is a global company that provides businesses of all sizes with custom PowerApps solutions that boost efficiency, automate routines, and organize workflow in the business environment. Providing excellent PowerApps development services and beyond, we develop effective and easy-to-use tools so that you could simplify, improve, and accelerate your business workflow based on the Microsoft Power Platform.

What Do We Do?

With MS PowerApps, one can quickly develop a custom business app solution without writing a single line of code and without knowing any programming languages. 

PowerApps claims that they try to bring business app development to non-technical employees. However, you will need some technical skills, especially if you want a more complex solution. That is why we provide PowerApps developers to help you with the first steps or with adding complex features. 

Microsoft PowerApp Development 

We will build apps for you and integrate them into your existing tools. You will be able to add more features as your business expands and remove what is no longer needed.  

Microsoft PowerApp Consulting 

If you already use Microsoft PowerApps services but you want to take your business application to the next level, we can provide skillful developers or Microsoft PowerApps consultants as well. 

Our PowerApps Development Services

Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps are the quickest and easiest way to develop and implement Power Apps. They allow building a custom business application from scratch, by connecting all the needed company data, workflows that need automation. Utilizing all the benefits of Canvas Apps we will set up an interface that is easy to navigate and fulfill the employees’ needs. 

Model-Driven Apps

If you are relying on complex data, Langate can build a model-driven app for you. With PowerApps, we will integrate all the data, rules, and forms that you have on Microsoft’s data service and build a new app based on it. 

Azure Functions Apps

Do you want to add more value to existing apps without having to worry about their infrastructure? Langate has a solution! We will help you create Azure Functions apps that will easily integrate systems, work with IoT, and create APIs. 

Set Up Flow

Businesses spend too much time on manual and routine tasks. Free up space for more engaging projects by letting Flow do things automatically. Langate can do all the work for you to assist in integrating Flow. 

Connect to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a business cloud that contains everything you need for business on one platform: organized client data, cross-departmental collaboration, business analytics, and many other features. We will make the connection and transition for you, Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Marketing included. 

Embedded Apps

After we help you develop canvas apps, you can continue to upgrade your business experience by integrating these apps into the systems that your employees already use. Langate is here to assist you with the integration.

Our PowerApp Development Platforms

We work with several platforms to ensure that every aspect of your business is modernized and becomes more efficient than ever. 

Office 365



Power BI

Office 365 is a perfect platform that keeps all working in one place. Moreover,  its functionality can be expanded by integrating PowerApps. 

Utilize your SharePoint lists as a data source with PowerApps: get the same design as in your list or customize your list even further.  

Boost your sales by utilizing a PowerApp – allow your employees to make sales directly from their phones while they are out of office. 

Work together on analytics and see real-time changes in reports by integrating PowerApps in PowerBI. 

How Can PowerApps Help You?

PowerApps is a suite of appsservicesconnectorsand data platforms that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs. 

Reduced Costs

PowerApps is a platform that makes the development of business applications easy and cost-effective. As soon as you launch the software, you can use it on all devices (iOS- and Android-based smartphones, PC or tablets) and in web browsers. So, Workflow’s reduced development costs and streamlined business processes can help you reach your company goals. 

Business Process Automation

Apps built using PowerApps provide rich business logic and workflow capabilities to transform your manual business processes to digital, automated processes. By automating major business operations, you can significantly increase performance and consequently achieve better results. 

Platform Flexibility

PowerApps also provides an extensible platform that lets you interact with data and metadata, apply business logic, create custom connectors, and integrate with external data. 

Responsive Design

Apps built using PowerApps have a responsive feature-rich design that can operate in a browser or on mobile devices flawlessly. The ability to create a custom app that has all the needed features without programming knowledge provides endless business opportunities. 

Why Us?

No Programming Knowledge Needed

No need to learn how to develop with PowerApps – our developers will make custom business applications for you. 

17+ Years in Enterprise Software Development

Work with a company that has 17+ years in software development and can guarantee great results. 

50+ Professionals Focused on Software Development

We have all the human resources you need for PowerApp development and integration for immediate project implementation. Have access to the most talented and niche PowerApps developers that deliver high-quality results on time. 

Time-Efficiency at a Reasonable Price

Launch PowerApps development project without having to spend months on planning and development – get good service at a reasonable price. 

Consulting Services Available

With our Microsoft Powerapps consulting services you can get advice from experts.

Contact Us

Being a reliable PowerApps development company, we strive to help businesses become more efficient through increased investment return. Contact us now and let us drive strategic success for your business! 


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