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DevOps Services

With our experienced DevOps engineers, we provide a full set of practices to execute the development, testing and deployment of your software in a more efficient and faster way.

Enhance the software development process, ensure the stability of the operating environment,and cut the delivery costs with our DevOps service!


of organizations experienced the improved quality of software deployment after DevOps implication

What Do We Do?

For the past 20 years our professional DevOps team have been uniting development and operations with advanced DevOps technologies as Bamboo, Gradle, Jenkins, and Jit to execute the development, testing, and deployment of your software products more efficiently
We help you optimize your development process for the maximum efficiency:

DevOps Consulting Services

At Langate, we analyze your business needs and guide you through the latest technologies that help you take your development process to the next level.

Integration and Deployment of DevOps Solutions

Langate team can deliver modern DevOps development solutions that ensure that each change in the software is automatically deployed to production.

DevOps Services

Cloud deployment Continuous Integration and Delivery Workflow automation Testing Logging Monitoring Alerting
Cloud deployment

Deploy your solutions on-premises cloud services and use your resources optimally

Continuous Integration and Delivery

We provide fast time to market by utilizing mature application development frameworks, agile development process with clearly defined standards and CI/CD pipelines for continuous delivery

Workflow automation

Automate your workflow to establish optimal resource allocation for your critical business processes


Implement the automated tests to build solutions that are ready to production in record time


After we help you develop canvas apps, you can continue to upgrade your business experience by integrating these apps into the systems that your employees already use. Langate is here to assist you with the integration.


Ensure 100% uptime of the system to provide seamless customer experience with a powerful set of monitoring features


Overcome your challenges faster with smart and detailed alert tools

DevOps Tools We Use

Our choice of tools depends on the unique needs of your project

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps







What will you gain?

Use our DevOps services and get ready to reap numerous benefits afterward

Streamlined Release Cycles
DevOps practices and tools speed up the release process up to 10 times while delivering the best quality bugs-free solutions at the same time.
Effortless Maintenance
With cloud solutions, you will never have to worry about in-house storage, scalability difficulties, or rolling out regular updates.
Process Optimization
DevOps tools help you to automate boring routine processes, speed them up and focus rather on your business goals than tiresome repeated processes.
Reduced Down Times
Constant testing, monitoring, and alerting help you to detect issues faster, prevent downtimes or at least make them as short as possible.
Software Of Higher Quality
Automation helps teams to focus on little important details, future technical debt, and testing which boosts the quality of DevOps solutions.
Call us now and find out how to accelerate time-to-market of your product!

We will automate and optimize your IT operations in the following steps

Why Us?

  • Complex Approach
    Langate offers 20+ years of experience in development, passionate DevOps experts, and deep industry knowledge for fast and high-quality delivery.
  • Immediate Incidents Resolving
    We constantly monitor the changes in your IT infrastructure and set up context-rich notifications about the issues detected to ensure a fast incident response.
  • Support on Every Step
    Whether you need cloud deployment, automation, or monitoring, we are here to pick up your project no matter what stage it is on.
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Develop a Big Data solution with Langate and start reaping its benefits right after the implementation!


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