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Big Data & Analytics Development Services

Accelerating development

At Langate, we provide big data consulting services to help you develop products and services that transform a huge amount of scattered information into the structured and useable data. With our data consulting services you are able to make smart decisions and ensure engaging user experience.

Big Data Engineering & Data Science Services

Today’s digital world data is rapidly growing. Big Data Analytics is changing business practices and technology, which in turn impact the way companies do business.  

We help you establish a strategy and define right technologies according to your requirements and budget. Our experienced analytics ensure that your technology fits with your investments in data warehouse and BI.

Big Data Services

While cooperating with companies, we employ practices to structure scattered data through the following Big Data services
  • Distributed, relational, and analytical database development
  • Data warehouse and ETL/data management
  • Stream processing and search and indexing
  • Work scheduling, reporting, and dashboard development
  • Data mining, analytics, and modeling

Big Data and Data Science

Big Data helps collect and maintain a huge volume of information, while Data Science allows to further analyze and extract the data, dependences and provides insights into this information.

With such an approach, we make the process of development more efficient and the promotion of products or services more targeted and cost-effective.

Big Data covers

  • Healthcare and financial companies that require solutions to prevent potential business risks, thoroughly analyze the behavior of their customers and investigate their operational activities.
  • Companies that strive to broaden their customers’ list, thus, produce precisely targeted products.
  • Businesses that need to update their existed data-driven solutions

Data Science covers

  • Companies that strive to operate more efficiently. 
  • Businesses focused on providing Internet services that need a high number of searching queries.
  • Corporations oriented to advertisement, marketing and digital sphere that aim to achieve fast rate on investment and high click-through-rate.
  • Recommendation engines that have to increase the quality of their promotion and advertising campaigns related to their user experience.

Predict future with us





Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Today around 80% of generated information is unstructured and can’t be analyzed by the traditional technologies.

Analysis of your operational data allows you to optimize business expenditure and use your budget effectively. 

Data science helps decrease the surplus of information, while Big Data analysis lets you have structured data, thus, reduced risks caused by wrong decisions.

Big Data is the best way to handle large-scale information, especially if you have a variety types of data including structured, semi-structured or scattered data.

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