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App Development Services

Why us?

We offer a first-hand experience in building industry-specific solutions. 

Build custom applications that meet your unique business requirements with our experienced engineers in the short term. We develop solutions that are easy to adapt to a variety of platforms and devices. 

We ensure fast time-to-market by using mature application development frameworks, agile development process, clear development standards and the implementation of continuous delivery and integration.

What you receive

Web app development

Custom application development for Web

We are highly focused practitioners who will fulfill your requests and demands in Healthcare, FinTech and Logistics.  

Our engineers are professionals in HTML5, CSS, Advanced JS frameworks, and Cloud technologies. Along with this, we also have experienced back-end developers on RoR, PHP, Python, .NET, Java, and Perl

R&D and consulting

We will consult you on the every stage of the development process so that you will reduce your technical and market risks through

  • Validation of your product idea
  • Choosing the right technology
  • Preventing unexpected costs
  • Keeping up with industry trends
  •  New business models discovery

Front-End development

We build solutions that align with your specific requirements and satisfy your clients. Create a perfect code with the assistance of our talented front-end engineers

  • Creative and useful User Interfaces (UI)
  • Great User Experience (UX) that is a crucial part of any application success
  • Unique aminations and the effects of navigation behavior to build pleasant user journey

Back-End development

While partnering with our back-end architects, you get secure and stable solutions with a great performance

  • Robust solutions that are able to scale and keep stable under the pressure
  • Cross-system integration as well as connection to third-party services
  • Secured processes, users and data

Automated and Manual QA

Our QA experts make sure your software runs without issues that may impact your business.  We ensure that your application works properly on any kind of devices and operating system

  • Automate your complex, time-consuming and repetitive tasks 
  • Reduce “time-to-market” period and minimize costs
  • Decrease “QA to customer” feedback time
  • Improve the security of your application
  •  Reduce total costs of ownership

Windows 10 — Full-Circle Desktop Development

We will develop high-quality and cost-effective software solutions. Increase your business value with executed agile projects.  

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Business analysis

When you partner with Langate, you firstly cooperate with our BA team that carefully analyzes your business needs and assesses the requirements of your product. We help you establish clear expectations and identify possible weak points to prevent unplanned costs. This process covers:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Proof-of-concept Application
  • Assessing new business opportunities
  • Business Model and Technology Innovation
  • Preparing the development strategy
  • Establishing custom security and scalability roadmaps
  • Picking the ideal technology stack

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Desktop software architecture

Before our engineers start the development process, they carry out the proper planning and architectural design to offer the best technological options for your product.

Along with this, we provide the most appropriate direction on how to improve the performance of your solution while reducing the development costs.

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UX and UI design

Our in-house design team performs competitive user-centric analysis to align the overall user experience and needs with your business goals.

We strive for perfection in everything we do including products design. We create the best possible appealing and intuitive desktop software through:

  • Building a user journey map
  • Establishing business and technical limitations
  • Wireframing, prototyping and mocking up of application
  • Choosing the right metrics for user experience

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Desktop software development

From peer code review to its further writing and testing, we develop maintainable solutions with a clear software architecture.

We are focused on the building of bespoke desktop applications for end users.

  • High-performance desktop applications
  • Easy-to-use applications
  • Multi-layer security
  • Smooth integration

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Quality assurance

Having a well proven record track in quality assurance and testing, out experts deliver a proper established QA-standard process and the in-house testing capabilities to satisfy your quality expectations.

We ensure the development of high-quality solutions by using security, functional and performance testing.

Our team delivers test documentation including test plans, cases and checklists. That provides a clear understanding of the application performance in different cases and simplifies its further modernization.

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Long-term maintenance

We offer a wide range of maintenance services to make sure that your software works smoothly after its lunch to the production.

Our engineers meet your upcoming business challenges while introducing new features. We provide continuous support that professionally covers any issue in record time.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile application development services​

We develop mobile solutions for Healthcare, Fintech and Logistic industries Want to get better control over your business process and improve relationship with your customers? Then consider a mobile application development. Our experienced engineering team helps you pass through all the development stages and lunch your product.


Business Analysis
Design & Development
QA & Testing
Maintenenace & Support

Trust us in the following

  • Forming a concept
  • Design and development
  • Porting & Migration Services
  • Existing app update or optimization
  •  Apps maintenance, support and testing
  •  Web app to iOS app integration

IOS applications development service

Are you looking for a development team that is better than the rest in mobile applications for Apple devices? Langate
is the best choice when it comes to the creating of billing, medical or healthcare data applications.

Trust us in the following

  • Forming a concept of iPhone/ iPad application
  • iPhone/ iPad application design
  • iPhone/ iPad app development
  • iPhone/ iPad application User Interface
  • iPad Porting & Migration Services
  • Existing iPhone/ iPad application update or optimization
  •  iPhone/ iPad apps maintenance, support and testing
  •  Web app to iPhone/ iPad app integration 

Android applications development service

You can easily migrate from legacy technologies in Healthcare, Fintech and Logistic industries by using the great opportunities of Android world. Our experts come up with innovative applications for your business purposes. 

We have designed Android apps that have perfectly improved the relations of our clients with their customers and employees

Rely on us in the following

  • Forming a concept of Android application
  • Android application design
  • Android app development
  • Android application UI
  • Android based Porting & Migration Services
  • Existing Android application update or optimization
  • Andorid apps maintenance, support and testing

Mobile cross-platform applications development

Reduce both your costs and time-to-market delivery by developing mobile applications for multiple mobile operating systems. You can decrease from 30% – 40% of your expenditure while having a single reusable codebase. We help you bring it to life with the cross-platform development technologies like React Native, and Xamarin. Our engineering team works with several frameworks such as Sencha, Rhomobile, Particlecode, PhoneGap and MoSync

We offer:

  • Faster Delivery
  • Easier Enhancement
  • Reduced Costs

Windows phone applications development

Want to increase the usability and flexibility of your application? Universal platform development (UPD) is designed to help develop apps that run on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and Hololens

We have a strong expertise in

  • Windows app concept and design
  • Custom Windows Mobile application development
  • Web-based Windows Mobile application development
  • Windows apps porting and migration
  • Windows apps QA & testing
  •  Windows app support, maintenance and upgrade

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