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Application Development Partner Program for MSPs

Easy. Profitable. Fully Managed.

Join your peers who increased their profits with little or no efort by partnering with us.

Application Development Partner Program for MSPs

Why is Application Development important for MSPs?

Here’s how MSPs differentiated themselves over the years:

  • Late 90s: Break/Fix model
  • 2000- 2010: Managed Services
  • 2010 – 2018: The Great Cloud Migration
  • 2018 – NOW: Security Focus
  • FUTURE: Business Solution-Centric approach, a.k.a. Application Integration and Development.

Are you ready to be at the forefront of the next MSP wave?

Tried AppDev before and had nothing but a headache?

We hear this quite often: we’ve tried AppDev before, and it was nothing but pain. The only answer is that you didn’t find the right partner.

The Langate Difference

We’ve developed a unique approach to working with MSPs, both big and small.
We understand the importance of your customer relationships and will not jeopardize them.
Our team can work with you with as much or as little involvement as you choose. From complete project hand-off and end-to-end execution to providing personnel to work under your guidance, we can adapt to what works for you.

Your MSP + Our Expertise = New Business Opportunities

Langate is a one stop shop for best-in-class development and integration needs.

With extensive experience in creating complex solutions, we pay particular attention to the underlying business needs, product security, scalability and reliability - all the same pillars that make a great MSP.

Why Partner with Langate?

Because we have built a unique and proven channel-focused AppDev program for you and your customers
  • Our partners increase their MRR and Net Revenue Retention within the first 6 month
  • We provide marketing experts, materials and Co-Op funds to help you market App Dev services to your customer
  • We oĪer flexible partnership terms with no minimum commitment and multiple options, from Referrals to Solution Co-Development
  • We are building a community of trusted advisors to help you get your MSP ready for the Next Big Thin
  • Langate is a Microsoft Gold Partner with Application Development and DevOps competencies
  • Langate is HIPAA and GDPR compliant
Why Langate

How we work with MSPs

We have multiple ways of working with partners and oĪer flexible arrangements that suit your situation and needs

Recurring Rev Share

Solution Co-Development

Referral Fees

Reach out to us to learn more about our MSP Partner Program and how we can work together to help you and your clients succeed.

We’ve been there. Now let’s help your customers together.

Langate has over 21 years of expertise building software products and solutions that now successfully serve over 3 million users every day. Let us use our expertise in these verticals to help your customers

We can help you integrate with popular EHR/EMR systems, build a custom app that uses HL7’s FHIR data interchange standards, implement predictive analytics, and develop healthcare solution of very high complexity.
We can support your customer’s ERP platform expansion. Our team can automate routine processes, ensure maximum security and boost your customer’s growth with detailed analytics.
From developing an eCommerce marketplace from scratch to optimizing existing platforms, setting up multiple API integrations, and implementing custom Big Data solutions, we can help your customer grow their customer base and boost sales.
Does your customer have an innovative project idea but needs a vendor to bring it to life? We a vendor to bring it to life? We have extensive experince helping startups with business model definition, UI/UX design, creation of MVP , presentations for investors and scaling up.

The process

Business analysis

When you partner with Langate, you cooperate with our BA team that carefully analyzes your business needs and assesses the requirements of your product. We help you establish clear expectations and identify all possible weak points to prevent additional unplanned costs. This process covers:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Proof-of-concept Application
  • Assessing new business opportunities
  • Business Model and Technology Innovation
  • Preparing the development strategy
  • Establishing custom security and scalability roadmaps
  • Picking the ideal technology stack
Software architecture

Before our engineers start the development process, they carry out the proper planning and architectural design to offer the best technological options for your product.

Along with this, we provide the most appropriate direction on how to improve the performance of your solution while reducing the development costs.

UX and UI design

Our in-house design team performs competitive user-centric analysis to align the overall user experience and needs with your business goals.

We strive for perfection in everything we do including product design. We create the best possible appealing and intuitive desktop software through:

  • Building a user journey map
  • Establishing a business and technical limitations
  • Wireframing, prototyping, and mocking up of application
  • Choosing the right metrics for user experience
Software development

From peer code review to its further writing and testing, we develop maintainable solutions with clear software architecture.

We are focused on the building of bespoke desktop applications for end-users.

  • High-performance applications
  • Easy-to-use applications
  • Multi-layer security
  • Smooth integration
Quality assurance

Having a well-proven record track in quality assurance and testing, our experts deliver a properly established QA-standard process and the in-house testing capabilities to satisfy your quality expectations.

We ensure the development of high-quality solutions by using security, functional, and performance testing.

Our team delivers test documentation including test plans, cases, and checklists. That provides a clear understanding of the application performance in different cases and simplifies its further modernization.

Long-term maintenance

We offer a wide range of maintenance services to make sure that your software works smoothly after its launch to the production.

Our engineers meet your upcoming business challenges while introducing new features. We provide continuous support that professionally covers any issue in record time.

Our Success Case on Launching a Startup for the Medical Industry

Enahncing care with smart glasses

Healthcare Medical Practice

Our client discovered that nurses spend 25% of their time reviewing documentation, including EHR/EMR. They wanted to simplify this process, as well as reduce the risks of germ transmission, so they came up with the idea of developing smart glasses for EHR/EMR display.

The client needed a software development partner that has expertise not only in developing innovative technological solutions but also in guiding them through the business development process. Thus, they contacted Langate.

  • As client’s business advisor, we’ve helped with business concept definition, design prototype creation, and funding attraction.
  • As client’s technology partner, we’ve developed all the functionality from scratch, set up smooth software integration with the Epic EHR system, and ensured full HIPAA compliance.
After the development of Proof of Concept, the client has collected feedback from nurses and hospitals, and we are currently working on improving the product’s functionality even further, integrating it with other EHR systems and creating a way for contactless interaction with the smart glasses.

Our Success Case on Developing Platform for Assistant Shopping


Healthcare Medical Practice

The market for cross-border eCommerce is projected to reach $1 Trillion in 2022 and 7 years ago Bunddler decided to create a platform for international assistant shopping. The client had a good understanding of the eCommerce landscape, and Langate had profound expertise in IT and business development. So, Bunddler contacted us to launch this startup.

  • As client’s business advisor, we analyzed the market, developed a fully-functioning product, and helped to expand the business to over 15 countries.
  • As client’s technology partner, we’ve created vast functionality, boosted security to prevent bot attacks, and optimized performance so the marketplace can process over 20,000 daily orders.
During 7 years of our cooperation with the client, the project transformed from a startup to a leading marketplace for assistant shopping that successfully serves over 2 million monthly users and works with over 4,000 businesses worldwide. The Langate team keeps working on the platform to increase its efficiency even further and keep up with the ever-changing market trends.

Our Success Case on Launching a Startup for the Medical Industry

Approved Admissions


Approved Admissions is a startup that helps healthcare institutions verify the patient’s insurance eligibility. To successfully provide the service, the platform should retrieve data from a variety of sources such as EMRs, practice management, therapy, and billing, all which store data in different formats. The client contacted Langate to solve this data integration challenge.

  • As client’s technology partner, Langate implemented a standard data map that helps to retrieve and match information from different databases.
  • As client’s business advisor, we analyzed the state of the software and defined the areas of improvement that eventually helped to enlarge platform’s reach. Thus, we’ve also optimized the performance for Approved Admissions to effectively process a large amount of data and applied such security improvements as multiple access levels and data encryption.
After the implementation of a solution developed by Langate, the startup has managed to grow its customer base from a dozen to 700 healthcare institutions.

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