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Langate Software Development

Our end-to-end team excels at coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. We develop innovative software with our hands-on approach and the industry’s best practices, which is what sets us apart.

This approach is best to:

Create a Custom Software Product from Scratch
You have an idea for a new software product but need help to make it happen? Langate can help you create a custom software product from scratch. We have been working in this industry for more than 20 years, and provide not only development services, but technical and business advisory as well. Our team is composed of experienced professionals, from developers, product designers, and testers, to product managers and analysts who know what a customer needs and how to provide it.
Delegate your project to top-notch specialists
"Fire and forget" is the best way to describe our service. Accelerate time to market and minimize development risks with our team. We take care of everything for you: from initial analysis of requirements, estimation, development process and communication transparency, and timeline predictability to the final quality control and evaluation. All you need to do is get in touch with us and delegate your project to the Langate team.
Avoid project management risk
Unmet deadlines, low productivity, poor quality, and a shortage of stack experts are a menace to the scalability of your company. Outsourcing your project management efforts can help you avoid project-management risks that come from undertaking projects internally and help fuel your company's success.

1. Initial Discussion

2. Project Evaluation

3. Design

4. Development

5. Project Delivery

6. Maintenance and Support

Initial Discussion

The first step is to create a detailed analysis of the client’s business and technical needs. We can achieve this by having an in-depth discussion with the client to understand their business needs, project goals and objectives, expectations, and future plans.

The outcome:

  • Initial idea validation and adjustrments
  • Best-fit cooperation model suggestion
  • High-level project description
  • Ballpark estimate
Project Evaluation

Once we understand your business and technical needs, we evaluate the project to ensure that it’s the right fit for your organization. Langate team conducts thorough business and technical requirements analysis. When necessary, we involve SME to validate the approach and suggest a better. At this stage, we go beyond requirements – we analyze business needs to create products that meet client’s goals

The outcome:

  • Project scope
  • Project timeline
  • Project budget
  • Team composition

Creating an impactful design that has a positive impact on the user experience is a key component of any project. It’s important to lay out the design standards that all design team members must follow to help create visually consistent designs across all projects. Our design approaches include A/B testing, pilot testing, usability testing, user feedback, data analysis, and metrics monitoring.

The outcome:

  • Product prototype
  • UX/UI design

Development is the most vital stage of our collaboration, where we create the actual product that meets all project requirements.

During product development, the client has control, flexibility, and influence to change the project scope. They can also track the development process visualization via dashboards and metrics along with standard regular meetings and reports.

To ensure code quality, each pull request goes through internal code review of minimum 2 team members and team lead. We also use unit testing, static code analysis, load testing performance monitoring to automate testing of software components and reduce number of defects.

We are expers in meeting security standards and best practices. Our development process is HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI compliant

We use a combination of Agile and Waterfall methodologies to ensure development predictability through iterative delivery.

Agile methodologies are efficient project management methods that are highly customizable and adaptable. Waterfall methodologies are more suitable for projects that have stringent requirements and compliance.

Tools we use to ensure smooth development process:

  • Communication: MS Teams, Slack, Skype, Telegram
  • Hosting the project source code and task tracking system: AzureDevOps, Jira+GitHub, Bitbucket,
  • Static code analysis: Sonarqube


The outcome:

  • Meeting project timelines
  • Code quality
  • Performance
  • Maintainability and upgradability
  • Development security
Project Delivery

Project delivery is the final stage of your project and marks the culmination of our development efforts. Before we release the project to our clients, we conduct in-depth source code reviews to identify any bugs or defects in the project. Next, we transfer the project to your client’s version control system to make sure that they can manage changes to the project later.

Tools we use:

  • Azure
  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity
Maintenance and Support

We understand that software is a major investment for your businesses, which is why it’s so important to have an effective software maintenance and support plan in place. Maintenance is an important part of the software development life cycle and helps us fix bugs or defects in the project. Support is another important aspect of the software development lifecycle, where we help our clients understand the project better and react to new issues.

The outcome:

  • Constant project improvement and maintenance

We use a combination of Agile and Waterfall methodologies to ensure development predictability through iterative delivery.

Agile methodologies are efficient project management methods that are highly customizable and adaptable. Waterfall methodologies are more suitable for projects that have stringent requirements and compliance.

Why Choose Us?

  • From idea to execution
    Langate Software is a software development service company with more than 20 years of experience. With our end-to-end services and talented engineers, you no longer need to look for specialists in different companies. We cover full-cycle software development and provide expert advisory to address all the need you may have on the way to product success.
  • Outsourcing your software has never been easier
    Custom software development is best for businesses looking forward to developing solution from the ground up or those that need to delegate a project or its part to top-notch specialists with a proven track record. At Langate, we offer highly-trained industry experts to take your project to the next level.
  • Say goodbye to privacy breaches with Langate
    Traditional development models are outdated and put your data at risk. Langate Software is a HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-compliant platform that develops custom software products for health, legal, finance, and other highly-regulated industries.

Choose from our pool of talented developers and experienced project leaders who have the expertise to get your product off the ground quickly.

We can take care of all aspects of your project, from design to software development to management.

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