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Achieve higher user adoption rates for your healthcare software by integrating it with Epiс

Epic is currently the leading EHR/EMR vendor storing 45% of all patient data in the US and serving over 250 healthcare organizations nationwide.

Integrate Your Software with Epic to Ensure Smooth Data Interexchange

Reasons to Integrate Your Software with Epic

Integrating with Epic is the first step in patient-centric care if you plan to develop software that quickly processes EHR and EMR data. Epic integration provides numerous benefits that significantly simplify routine processes in healthcare which allows your software to win over more new users. Epic’s benefits include the ability to:

Establish Smooth Data Interexchange

Each month, over 100 million healthcare records are shared by care providers using the Epic EHR/EMR system. Epic integration ensures smooth data interexchange which results in increased data accuracy and minimized risk of medical errors and billing mistakes.

Maximize Data Security

In software that is integrated with the Epic system, all the data transfers comply with the SSL protocol, which ensures the privacy and protection of business-related and confidential patient information.

Streamline Billing Processes

Software integrated with Epic saves users’ time by easily retrieving the patient’s personal, medical, or insurance information from the EHR/EMR and being able to autofill it into the needed fields, completely automating the billing processes.

Promoting Patient-Centric Care

With Epic integration, your software will be able to access all previously conducted medical examinations such as lab tests, X-rays, or ultrasounds, so patients won’t need to perform these examinations again or request the results from third parties.

Do you need help integrating your software with the Epic EHR system?

Steps of the Epic Integration Process at Langate

Here are the three most popular ways to integrate the software with Epic EHR/EMR: You can utilize native HL7 and FHIR APIs, employ native EHR integration modules or use middleware. We analyze the particularities and needs of each project in order to choose the best-fitting approach. 

The approach we use the most to integrate with the Epic USCDI API is a tool that pulls information from the clinical system in the United States Core Data for Interoperability format. Here’s how the integration process looks like:  

Checking the version of Epic

The Epic USCDI API doesn't work with outdated versions of EHR systems, so we make sure to check the compatibility first.

Registering an account on fhir.epic.com.

Providing all the information about your app is essential for getting the API key.

Getting the key and testing Endpoints

It's important to ensure that your software has access to the necessary Epic modules and that the endpoints are working properly.

Integrating your app with Epic EHR/EMR

After including calls to the Epic USCDI API into the code of your software using endpoints, your tool can easily connect with the EHR system, securely authenticate a user, pull data, and display or process it.

Testing the performance of your software

After your software is integrated with Epic, we conduct a series of tests to ensure that the data exchange process is accurate, secure, and compliant with data protection regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR.

Choose Your Cooperation Model

Outsource the Epic integration process to Langate’s experts if you want us to take charge of the project.

Augment your team with Langate’s professionals if you want to benefit from our expertise in Epic integration but wish to manage the project in-house.

Latest Epic Integration Cases by Langate

Accessing Patient Data through Smart Glasses

Healthcare Medical Practice

We worked with an innovative startup in the healthcare industry. The client wanted to simplify access to medical information for nurses and minimize the risk of germ transmission as well. So, they decided to develop software for EHR/EMR display through smart glasses. They contacted us to develop all the functionality from scratch, integrate the tool with the Epic system and ensure full compliance with HIPAA requirements.  

We developed software that can pull the patient-related information such as the patient’s name, photo, bed number, lab results, medical history, prescribed medication, etc. after the nurse scans the QR code on the patient’s wristband. The MVP (minimum viable product) developed by Langate received positive feedback from hospitals and nurses, and we are planning to continue our collaboration with the client to develop the product’s functionality even further. 

Are you ready to integrate your software with Epic EHR to expand the reach of your product? Langate knows what you need!

Why Clients Choose Langate for Epic Integration

We treat each project as our own, so clients choose us as the top provider of Epic integration services.


Years in healthcare software development


Middle-level and senior-level professionals


Years is the average duration of a client’s cooperation with us

Years of Experience in the Healthcare Industry

Over the course of 20 years on the market, Langate has helped numerous clients integrate their applications with popular EHR vendors such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, etc. Our knowledge of the best IT practices used in the industry allows us to set up complex integrations and develop custom features for your software.

Profound Expertise with Epic Integration

Our pre-built SMART on FHIR modules help us integrate software with popular EHR vendors. We utilize pre-built Epic toolkits to test your applications and emulate Hyperspace deployment. Additionally, we can also submit your app to the Epic App Orchard Developer Program, so the Epic community can explore and access it.

HIPAA- and GDPR-Compliant Development Center

Apps that are integrated with EHR/EMR systems constantly process Protected Health Information (PHI), so it is essential to ensure maximum security and full compliance with legal regulations. Non-compliance may result in reputational damage and hefty fines that can cost up to $50,000 per violation.

Transparent Communication

We believe communication is crucial for a project’s success. This is why we constantly keep our clients updated about the project's progress, quickly address the feedback, and are always willing to discuss ideas on how to improve the product further and take it to the next level.

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