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Quality Assurance Services

Solid and Effective Healthcare QA

Our healthcare partners have applied Langate’s strong QA and test automation competencies to assess their technology infrastructure and test a wide variety of business solutions.
We provide a powerful framework-driven approach and technological expertise in healthcare industry that help you accelerate your testing processes and, hence, significantly reduce your business costs

Our Testing Approaches:

Functionality QA

Technological testing of your healthcare solutions, including the assessment of companies’ workflow according to the Healthcare Information Technology Standards.

Compliance testing

Conformance testing of the software solution covering the security requirements of healthcare industry frameworks such as VA and FDA regulations, and HIPAA standards.

QA for Interoperability Testing

With the usage of healthcare industry standard testing tools, we offer interoperability testing of your software products including CCD and CDA specifications, DICOM standard as well as FHIR standards specified by HL7 organization.

QA of Medical Imaging Protocols

Testing of medical imaging software solutions including NextGen, DVTk and MESA automation tools.

QA Testing for Platforms

Quality assurance of applications on a variety of mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. We also provide testing of solutions related cross-browser compatibility issues.

Load and Performance Testing

Testing the load and performance benchmarks of enterprise healthcare applications. We have a strong expertise in leveraging cloud platforms like Azure, Amazon EC2 and Google.


Specialized QA Services

  • Regulatory Compliance Testing (ICD 9-10 Migration, CCHIT, HIPAA, HITECH, MU, FDA, Device)
  • Interoperability (HL7, DICOM)
  • SaaS / Cloud Testing
  • Conformance Testing and Validation for EHR/EMR, Medical Imaging, Clinical Systems, Lab, Radiology, Payer and Provider Solutions

Test Automation

  • Regression Testing
  • Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Hybrid
  • Business Process Testing

Manual QA

  • Functional and Integration
  • Usability and Compatibility
  • System and Acceptance Testing
  • Localization
  • Agile Testing

Performance and Security Testing

  • Load, Volume and Stress
  • Capacity Planning
  • Security Testing
  • Application and Infrastructure Level
  • Specialized Security Requirements (Mobile, Cloud, etc.)

Your benefits


Reduce your costs of the delivery of healthcare software products with our QA and testing services. We have a deep understanding of different techniques that are required in healthcare industry. Our in-depth knowledge of QA procedures will save your money.


Make your business more resilient and minimize possible risks during the certification. We have a clear understanding of how to be compliant with usability and data security requirements.


Focus on the major – on your own software development process and accelerate its time-to-market period. We ensure reliable and continuous feedback during cooperation and stable workflow of your solution.


The cost of errors in the healthcare software development is extremely high compared to other industries. Trust our professional quality assurance and testing services.

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