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HealthTech Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications Development Services

Why us

At Langate, we create progressive and intuitive Healthcare solutions that include all the necessary functions in one software product. Technology is improving healthcare industry in many ways. In everyday life, healthcare technology is used by not only doctors and patients, but by nurses, medical administrators, health insurance managers and others.

Our experienced team has a proven track record of success in the implementation of Healthcare projects covering web, mobile and desktop applications. Having solid technical background, we built secure and intuitive software.

What we do

From different consumer health products to the systems that support clinical decisions, businesses are dependent on a wide variety of platforms today. Whether you need a standalone product or a part of your larger ecosystem, we easily complement your existing team and compose the foundation of your development process.

We are experts in medical technology, bioinformatics and personalized medicine. Our professionals have an experience in the development of different types of platforms and the integration of complex systems. We help you analyze lab test results and trial data which eventually improves your patients’ outcomes. More information about your patients allows to make more appropriate decisions that by far results in saved patients’ lives.

Rely on us in the development:

  • Medical Practice Management Software
  • Hospital Management Software
  • Long Term Care Software
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software
  • Patient Management Software
  • Patient Case Management Software

Our team works to help you:

  • Improve your performance
  • Secure all sensitive data
  • Improve experience for your users

We offer you:

  • Highly secure mobile and web solutions
  • Custom healthcare applications development
  • Medical Recommendation Systems
  • Database for hospitals

What you receive

  1. Trust us and reduce your development costs. Unlike other development companies, we have in-depth and explicit knowledge of healthcare software that allows us to create software products cost-effectively.
  2. Develop your solution with our experienced team and get more income. Best BI, perfect UI, ideal (optimal) software development and secure testing are the major features of professionally built solution that make it different among others.
  3. Apply innovation, machine learning, IoT and Big Data to your business. These processes are not just trendy capabilities; they provide the opportunity to improve the quality of life of your patients.
  4. Secure your healthcare solution while developing it at Langate. Prevent your potential business risks that may result from the cooperation with engineers who work in general area. Avoid development issues while working with us.

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Rely on us and create perfect solution with professionals in healthcare industry!


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