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HealthData Engineering, BI & Reporting

What we do

Our business intelligence solutions ensure timely knowledge and easy-to-use dashboards for the healthcare data that help you improve your business processes.

What you get

With our BI software, you can save your time on getting information manually. We help you easily trace your software performance, find out its potential issues and recognize hidden inefficiencies.


Healthcare industry is a very complex system comprised of the enormous interlinked processes. All the clinicians strive to provide improved care which means advanced data-driven approach. It relies in the delivery of a clear and correct data at the required time in the right place.

Our multi-disciplinary team is driving quality and cost improvements that let you intelligently use your financial and clinical data.


  • The efficiency of workflow that achieved through the data care management. It implies a bidirectional approach for tasks follow-ups by care team members and making notes backs to the EHR system.
  • The management of patients with comprehensive records in all clinical IT systems.
  • Connect and take responses from patients via messages and calls
  • Scheduling tasks and follow-ups that relate to a patient
  • Creating groups of managers based on the level of their engagement and care conditions


Our business intelligence solutions let you find the right way for the management by using interactive geographical maps, data visualization tools and side-by-side comparison of clinical information. You will benefit from our cloud-based BI management that covers a data-driven and risk-based model. It allows you find out the specific and well-known decisions instead of general or assumed data.

A network-centric utilization management model is based on the following pillars:

  • Management by exception
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Automation
  • Communication


We provide you a potential risk assessment to prevent possible risks among patients and groups. Health risk regulation relies on the adjustment of health insurance plans. It covers the tracking of differences in the risk characteristics of patients recorded in each plan.

Risk-adjustment systems are based on three types of data:

  • Diagnosis data from inpatient claims,
  • Diagnosis data from outpatient claims,
  • Pharmacy claims data.

You can prevent your potential risks and smooth out business incentives with a well-designed risk-adjustment system. It lets you balance between timely data usage, which improves the potential accuracy of the model, and minimize the possibility of gaming the system.


With our business intelligence solutions, you can identify outreach programs and gaps in the care opportunities with patients’ groups across many of clinical and decision support areas.

  • Highlighting the quality gaps and a variety of decision support rules
  • Integration with data schedules to create correct pre-visit appointment reports
  • Customization of patients’ lists and sharing with care team members
  • Prioritizing high risks and costs


Protect your solution from potential user’s errors caused by the manual updates of Excel spreadsheets. Our custom contract solutions built on Cloud technologies provide smooth and easy-to-read dashboards which let you receive the right data you need at a glance.

  • Plug in core features and metrics into a tablet or a mobile to get more user-friendly experience.
  • Receive a performance movement on major figures ranged by department, provider and consumer
  • Creating the scorecards of providers that illustrate many indicators per a provider on a single screen
  • Chose the right data from a wide range of metrics such as waiting time, the analysis of market, contract execution and revenue

Your benefits


Shift to the HealthData Engineering with Langate Software means a win-win approach to the software development. With such a cooperation model, healthcare companies, providers and vendors can raise their ROI, achieve sufficient cost reduction and resource usage.


Working with us means the reduction of administrative costs for you. We will help you better understand the requirements of health organizations’ utilization management.


Plan ahead for HealthData engineering. You customers expect to receive better patient-centered healthcare services with greater transparency.


Secure both your data and the personal data of your clients. We are committed to protecting the security of your data, especially of personal medical records, while operating and analyzing the huge amount of information.

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