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Healthcare Mobile App Development Services

At Langate, we place a premium on quality and compliance with industry standards like HIPAA. This ensures that our healthcare app development services, along with progressive and intuitive healthcare solutions, uphold the highest standards of security and reliability. Our healthcare mobile application development process is not just transparent but also collaborative. We believe in involving our clients at every stage, valuing their input, and incorporating their feedback into the final product.

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Why Develop a Mobile Healthcare Application with Langate


Our team has deep knowledge and experience in healthcare app development, ensuring your project is in capable hands. 

Reduced Cost

We tailor our services to meet your needs, delivering a unique and effective solution for your business. 


We can seamlessly integrate your new app with existing systems, ensuring smooth operation and compatibility. 


We understand the importance of regulatory compliance in healthcare and ensure that your app meets all relevant standards and regulations. 


We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your app running smoothly and up-to-date with the latest technology and industry standards.  


We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in healthcare, ensuring that your app is innovative and future-proof. 

Our Healthcare Application Development Services

Do you want to develop healthcare software for the web, mobile, or desktop that would help you meet the business goals and bring the quality of healthcare to a new level?

Then contact Langate, so we could take a close look at your case and find the best possible solution for your organization.

Cost and Time of Healthcare Mobile App Development

The cost and time of healthcare mobile app development can vary widely depending on various factors, such as the app's complexity, the features and functionality required, and the platform (iOS, Android, or both).  


Healthcare app development costs can range from $30,000 to $500,000 or more, depending on the abovementioned factors. Simple apps with basic features might cost less, while complex apps with advanced features like AI integration, telemedicine capabilities, and data analytics will cost more. 


The time to develop a healthcare app can range from a few months to over a year, again depending on the app's complexity. Simple apps with basic features take 3-6 months to develop, while complex apps can take 12 months or more. 

Types of Mobile Medical Apps We Develop

Apps for Healthcare Providers 

  • Clinical assistance applications
  • Time-table scheduling applications
  • Medical device data collection platforms
  • Billing applications
  • Electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Population health management software
  • Wearable tech applications
  • Drug inventory tracking applications

Apps for Medical Professionals  

  • Remote patient monitoring applications
  • EHR data aggregation and analysis applications
  • Practice management applications

Apps for Patients 

  • Appointment scheduling applications
  • Patient engagement applications
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Medication intake tracking applications

What You Receive from Cooperation with Langate

Reduced Cost

We have in-depth and explicit knowledge in custom healthcare application development that allows us build solutions that automates medical workflows thus reducing costs needed to manage administrative and billing processes. Moreover, having software for storing and analyzing all the data helps personnel see the big picture and make well-informed decisions, thus minimizing the possibility of waster recourses.

Increased Revenue

Best BI, perfect UI, optimal healthcare web application development, and secure testing are the major features of our professionally built solution that stand out among others. Our software helps healthcare facilities optimize their operations, so they could provide a better care to a larger number of patients with fewer efforts, thus increasing the revenue.

Improved Service

We help you apply innovative solutions as real-time telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, wearable health trackers, medication intake reminders and medical appointment scheduling. All of them simplify the patient’s interaction with your healthcare facility, thus improving the quality of care.

Automated Administrative Tasks

Use our custom healthcare app development services to reduce the time spent on paperwork. Our applications help numerous healthcare companies around the world streamline their processes and focus on patients rather than administrative repetitive tasks. Patient-centered healthcare becomes a reality where medical staff does what they love, and patients receive all the attention.

Strong Data Security

Secure your healthcare solution while developing it at Langate. Prevent your potential business risks that may result from the cooperation with engineers who work in the general area. We have our own HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant development centers that will make sure that you have needed access to the data but do not violate any privacy guidelines.

How Do We Build Healthcare Apps?

Business Analysis
Before we get to work, we want to make sure that all the goals are defined and we research the market to define what has to be in the app and how to stand out among the competitors.
Together with you, we make a clear list of features and requirements, set the deadlines, and discuss the budget. This helps us get the best results from the efforts and resources invested.
UX/UI Design
Healthcare software is used to manage a large volume of data, so we pay specific attention to UX/UI design. User journey mapping helps us decide on the right way to structure all the information and ensure easy navigation.
Software Development
Our team of experienced healthcare app developers is dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly medical app development solutions that meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and patients. We understand the importance of healthcare mobile application development in improving patient care, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall efficiency in the healthcare industry.
Software Testing
The right functionality of healthcare software is crucial for the uninterruptible work of any medical organization. That is why we constantly test the developed application to ensure good system performance, absence of any errors, and adherence to all legal requirements.
We maintain and update your software, so it meets the needs of the ever-changing business environment. At Langate, we constantly collect client feedback and make improvements if needed so you are satisfied with the final product.

Main Reasons to Choose Langate

20 Years of Experience
Langate has been working with HealthTech app development for more than 17 years. During this time, we have developed products for pharmaceutical businesses, nursing facilities, billing, and management companies and learned how to offer both efficiency and compliance.
Professional Software Developers
Our team consists of 80 healthcare app developers many of which are senior-level professionals and Ph.D. degree holders. They have successfully implemented numerous healthcare projects covering web, mobile, and desktop applications that streamlined healthcare processes.
Profound Business Analysis
Our Business Analysts thoroughly analyze the challenges you face, your business goals, and your competitors to decide on which solution would work the best for each specific healthcare organization. The profound research enables us to deliver healthcare software that is scalable, stable, and secure
Effective Communication
We believe in the importance of good communication in relationships with clients. So, our project managers make sure that you are always updated about the progress of the project. We also constantly collect feedback from the clients to develop software that fully covers the business needs.

Examples of Healthcare Mobile Apps Developed by Us

Rater 8

Healthcare SaaS

Rater8 helps physicians to build a reputation online and attract more patients.

Langate has developed this platform with a great focus on accessibility and the easiness of marketing efforts. Rater8 facilitates doctors in getting 5-star reviews and mitigating unsatisfied clients, explains how to rank higher through SEO optimization, and gives a set of analytic tools with suggestions and visualizations.

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Examples of Healthcare Mobile Apps Developed by Us

Data Exchange in Healthcare

Healthcare SaaS

Langate has worked with a company providing insurance eligibility verification services. To check the patient insurance coverage, that data should be retrieved from different healthcare departments and IT platforms. Some of those platforms operate as separate data silos, so we needed to develop a solution that would enable fast data interexchange

We developed “Bridge” which helps to translate all common protocols faster and easier with our engineering services. There is no need to write codes or operate different programs to receive data from various sources. It helped the client to give all users a consistently great customer experience and gave them a competitive edge on the market.

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Examples of Healthcare Mobile Apps Developed by Us

Data Exchange in Healthcare

Healthcare SaaS

Rater8 helps physicians to build a reputation online and attract more patients.

Langate has developed this platform with a great focus on accessibility and the easiness of marketing efforts. Rater8 facilitates doctors in getting 5-star reviews and mitigating unsatisfied clients, explains how to rank higher through SEO optimization, and gives a set of analytic tools with suggestions and visualizations.

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Technologies we use for healthcare app development

We work with a variety of modern development tools and choose the ones that are best-fitting for each particular case.




Ruby on Rails


















React Native









What our clients say

See how our clients rate their experience with Langate:

Thanks to the efforts of Langate Software, the company is now able to grow its customer base from a dozen to over 700 healthcare organizations. Transactions also went up from a thousand daily to over a million in a month. The team exhibited expertise and a deep understanding of the industry.

Thanks to the efforts of the Langate Software team, the company is now a marketplace with over 1M monthly visitors and a highly efficient SaaS platform. The company as it is now would not exist without the attentive and responsive guidance of Langate.

The pace of delivery and quality of engineering rivalled anything I had experienced working with a variety of local teams over the course of my career. And of course, the cost savings were substantial. I would definitely work with Langate Software again and I wholeheartedly recommend Langate to anyone looking to procure excellent quality software engineering at an excellent cost!

Langate Software has done everything possible to integrate as part of the team and our company. We have worked together to solve many issues and problems to ensure our business relationship functions on all cylinders. If you have the need for an offshore development firm I HIGHLY recommend working with Langate.

Working collaboratively on a data-driven approach, Langate Software has taken the time to understand the client's needs and is highly receptive to their feedback. The team communicates clearly and regularly, and their eagerness to listen to the client's input and understand their vision stands out.

Langate fixed our system. Since then, they’ve been our software developers. Langate Software has provided quality work, meeting deadlines and staying within the company’s budget. Their resources are highly responsive and always address issues and problems immediately.

Healthcare App Development FAQ

What does HIPAA stand for, and why is it important in the context of healthcare mobile app development?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is important in healthcare mobile app development because it sets national standards for protecting health information and ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

What are the key advantages of developing a mobile app for healthcare services?

Key advantages of developing a mobile app for healthcare services include improved access to healthcare, enhanced patient engagement, remote monitoring capabilities, and increased efficiency for healthcare providers.

What security measures are crucial in the development of healthcare mobile apps to protect patient data?

Crucial security measures in healthcare mobile app development include:

  • Data encryption.
  • Secure authentication.
  • Regular security audits.
  • Compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Implementing best practices for secure coding.


What challenges are typically faced during the development of healthcare mobile apps, and how can they be addressed?

Challenges in healthcare app development include:

  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Integrating with existing healthcare systems.
  • Maintaining data privacy and security.
  • Addressing interoperability issues.

These challenges can be addressed through thorough planning, collaboration with healthcare stakeholders, and adherence to industry standards and regulations.


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