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Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

We provide innovative and HIPAA-compliant software development services for healthcare organizations including hospitals, health IT providers, research organizations, pharmaceutical distributors, and other medical institutions.

During more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we have successfully served various companies helping them improve the quality of care.

Healthcare Software Development

We leverage our expertise in healthcare and pharma software development to deliver fast results and improve project ROI.

Enjoy more efficient medical workflows and automate your hospital management to its fullest!

Reasons to Choose Langate for Software Development for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is not as quick to adopt technology as it heavily relies on human-to-human interaction. However, technology in the medical field can significantly improve the experience of both patients and medical personnel because it provides the following benefits:

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Personnel of many healthcare facilities spends hours double-checking medical records or sending too many invoices and checking their statuses afterward. As a system integrator, Langate will develop a solution that will set your organization free of these administrative tasks.

Patient-Centered Healthcare

If there are fewer administrative tasks, medical workers will spend more time taking care of patients. Doctors and nurses will actually do what they like instead of dealing with paperwork and patients will share their great experience with everyone, promoting your institution.

Fewer Mistakes

Mistakes in healthcare industry can result in lost lab tests, misdiagnosis and waste of precious time that could have been otherwise used for treatment. Our solutions will help you avoid mistakes in patient data, billing, medication, or any other side of healthcare.

Our Healthcare Software Solutions Development

Product Strategy & Roadmap
Start the custom healthcare software development with the right strategy and carefully planned roadmap. We will analyze the market, create a defined list of features, calculate prices, and set clear deadlines.
HealthData Engineering, BI & Reporting
We help you gather and analyze the data about all processes in your healthcare organization in one easy-to-use dashboard. This would help you track the performance of your organization, detect potential problems and make well-informed business decisions
HealthTech Web, Mobile, and Desktop Apps Development
At Langate, we can develop any kind of platform from medical practice management software to medical billing software. By automating medical workflows, we create secure, compliant, and fast custom solutions that meet your business goals.
Quality Assurance
We want to deliver the best-quality solutions so we test functionality, compliance, interoperability, load, and performance to reduce delivery and error costs. Langate can also test your old solutions and fix any problems detected.
Healthcare Privacy and Security Guidance
Data security is a vital aspect of healthcare software. Cybersecurity professionals from our HIPAA or GDPR-compliant development centers would ensure full adherence to legal requirements to save you from fines and security breaches.

We Have Helped These Healthcare Product Organizations

Who We Help with Healthcare Software Development

Our custom vertical-specific solutions contain features and designs typical for the branch to simplify the navigation process and relevancy of the solutions.


Years we have been helping healthcare organizations achieve their target KPIs through streamlining business processes.

Key Competencies in Healthcare Industry

Our main competencies are creating software for the following areas of healthcare operations.

Medical Practice
Medical Billing
Long Term Care
Patient Management
Hospital Management

We develop software that are fully compliant with all the legal regulations such as:


If you need a reliable healthcare development vendor, feel free to book a free consultation with our team, so we could discuss your case in detail and find the best solution for your needs.

Reasons to Choose Langate for Software Development for Healthcare

Extensive Experience in the Niche
We have worked with healthcare providers for more than 20 years now. A unique combination of relevant experience, profound industry understanding, and familiarity with IT trends allows us to create solutions that simplify administrative processes and enhance patient care.
Clear Communication
Our experienced project managers will inform you about every step of the project, open time slots for product discussions, and ensure that deadlines are kept. Our healthcare software developers are required to have a high level of language proficiency to streamline communication.
Focus on Compliance
With such rich experience in healthcare software development, we put an emphasis on regulatory compliance. At Langate, we have our own HIPAA- and GDPR-compliance centers that help us develop innovative healthcare solutions while following all the privacy guidelines and ensuring data safety and integrity.
Team of Competent Professionals
We have more than 100 professionals on our team, many of them being senior developers and Ph.D. degree holders. Being a Microsoft partner and having access to smart training programs allows us to stay flexible and always find solutions through teamwork. We will find you a team that meets all of your requirements and is genuinely involved in your project.

Our Successful Cases in Healthcare Software Development

Data Exchange in Healthcare

Healthcare Medical Practice

Langate has worked with a company providing insurance eligibility verification services. To check the patient insurance coverage, that data should be retrieved from different healthcare departments and IT platforms. Some of those platforms operate as separate data silos, so we needed to develop a solution that would enable fast data interexchange

We developed “Bridge” which helps to translate all common protocols faster and easier with our engineering services. There is no need to write codes or operate different programs to receive data from various sources. It helped the client to give all users a consistently great customer experience and gave them a competitive edge on the market.

Facial Recognition in Clinical Trials

Healthcare Medical Practice

Professional and duplicate subjects cause a waste of money and time in clinical trials. Langate has developed software that makes sure that participants are not enrolled in multiple trials at the same time. The system utilizes biometric technology and identifies subjects.

Since there are remote trials, we needed a solution where a subject can be identified from home. So we developed mobile apps that support facial recognition. Thus, our client was able to host new types of trials and increase its user base by doing so. The facial recognition feature is especially relevant in times of pandemic.

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Elimintation of Mistakes and Duplicates in Medical Records


One of our clients works with more than 300 nursing facilities, so they wanted to make sure that the data is exchanged adequately, there are no duplicate records or typos.

We developed a solution for the enterprise that enables fast data exchange and normalization, data analysis, and automatic mistakes reports. After the implementation of our solution, the client was able to significantly reduce time spent on data processing and avoid costs connected to duplicate records and typos.

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