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Are you looking for experienced developers in your industry? Langate has over 20 years of experience in developing vertical-specific software. We know all the trends, peculiarities, and problems of your industry and will apply them to your perfect IT solution.

Our Healthcare Software Solutions Development

IT can be a key to patient-centric healthcare, workflow automation for physicians, and effortless accurate diagnosing. We do not develop solutions that contribute to physician burnout but rather concentrate on intuitive interfaces, short learning curves, rich functionality, and compliance.

Types of Software We Can Work On

Medical Practice Management Software

A hospital or private practice is a complex business. Our medical practice management solutions allow you to manage scheduling, billing, prescriptions, and staffing in one app.

EMR/EHR Systems

One standard EMR/EHR solution can not fit them all. Develop your custom system with an easy-to-navigate interface, custom fields, data processing features, and patient portals.

Telehealth Apps

Telehealth is a great solution for reaching patients from rural areas and eliminating the risks of hospital visits. Choose the rich feature set with a focus on communication for your business!

Our Success Case on Data Integration in Healthcare

Data Exchange in Healthcare


Langate has worked with a top provider of data validation, insurance eligibility, and revenue risk mitigation services. In order to monitor changes in EMR/EHR systems, the client needed to gather data from a variety of platforms with limited data interexchange. It resulted in duplicates, mistakes, and manual processing of data.

We developed a solution that enables data exchange among many sources and target systems, normalized data, and uses smart data pattern recognition. Our client can provide the same level of service quality to users of all medical platforms and outperform its competitors.

Human Resources

In the HR and employee management industry, technology helps to efficiently, effortlessly keep track of all employees and their performance, and manage payroll more accurately. Increase the level of satisfaction of your employees and attract talent without breaking a sweat!

Types of Software We Can Work On

Applicant Tracking System

ATS helps you to attract talent, post jobs to numerous boards simultaneously, and help candidates go through interviewing and hiring with automatically sent supporting materials.

Employee Recognition

Monitoring the success of numerous employees can become nearly impossible. Do not let someone’s work go unnoticed with employee recognition software!

Training Software

Whether it is about onboarding or regular training, this solution will automatically send materials to employees, let them track their progress, and send results back to you.

Human Resource Information System

HRIS is a complex system that combines it all: payroll, attendance tracking, scheduling, analytics, performance tracking, employee self-service, and benefits administration.

Our Success Case on Developing Employee Management Solution

Data Exchange in Healthcare

HR and Staff Management

Our client provides IT and financial services in the healthcare industry. One of their services is HR and Payroll where they have to manage their own 15,000 employees and clients. With the ever-growing number of teams, they needed a solution to work with HR effectively and accurately.

Langate team has developed a solution that works as part of the client’s existing web platform. It helped them to provision, audit, and monitor employees as well as reduce efforts spent on setup, onboarding, and offboarding. It increased the satisfaction level of both their employees and customers.


eCommerce has long become an established industry and its market size has reached billions of dollars. However, the cutthroat competition, marketing, and logistics become a big turn-off. With our solutions, you can easily overcome these eCommerce challenges!

Types of Software We Can Work On

eCommerce Marketplace

You can gather eCommerce businesses from all over the world in one place and offer them either a tool for building their websites or a market to work on. Langate will happily assist you in building this platform.

eCommerce App

Do you feel like you are ready to expand your eCommerce business and invest in an app for a better user experience? We are here to help you with creating a user-friendly and fast solution with AI-powered analytics and marketing.

Our Success Case on Developing Platform for Assistant Shopping


E-Commerce and Logistics

Bunddler is a web-based marketplace where businesses, shipping providers, assistants, and customers meet. Langate developed the marketplace from scratch, with the website, website builder tools, data analytics, order management, shipment tracker, and many other features. Our cybersecurity experts and developers are still involved in the project as consultants to marketplace users.

Today, Bunndler has become a marketplace with 1 million monthly visitors from 15 countries. It is known as the best and only system that focuses on assistance work. It contains numerous features that make the workflow of assistants easy and seamless and brings customer experience to a whole new level.

Independent Software Vendors

Good software can change any industry for the better through accuracy, automation, and cost optimization. Our developers will assist you on every step of the development cycle, from deciding on software, its design, and features to maintenance.

Types of Software We Work On

Web Development

Are you in need of a highload and intuitive web system? Our team with 20+ years of experience in web development will create a perfect solution for you.

Mobile Development

Create a mobile application with a superior user experience. We deliver apps for iOS, Android, cross-platform, or wearables on time and at a reasonable price.

UX and UI Services

UX and UI are a big part of any IT solution that will define whether users will want to interact with software. Create products that combine both rich functionality and prime experience.

IT Consulting

Transform your business with the latest tech: automate routine processes, deliver better quality, and achieve business goals faster. We have a digital transformation plan for you.

QA and Testing

We offer automated testing that will both reduce time-to-market and find all the weaknesses and strengths of your solution. Check the quality of every step of development effortlessly.

Our Success Case on Preventing Multiple Clinical Trial Enrolment

Facial Recognition in Clinical Trials


Our client provides services in eliminating duplicates and following the key protocols in medical trials. They needed a solution for verifying trial subjects remotely. Previously, they used fingerprints which is inconvenient for more and more popular remote trials.

We have created a facial recognition option that can be performed on a website through the web camera or in iOS or Android apps developed by Langate. The client was able to deliver high-quality verification services for all types of trials and overcome the challenges opposed by remoteness.


When IT and finance meet, there are faster results with fewer mistakes, secure storage, and smart analysis of the current financial situation. Implement the software that can lower your costs and lets you focus on more essential business processes.

Types of Software We Can Work On

Financial Forecasting

This type of software analyzes the current financial situation on the market with AI and gives you insights into what is worth investing in and how likely someone is to pay back a loan.

Accounting Software

Accounting software helps businesses to keep track of their expenses and profits easily and securely. They can also analyze the situation and get advice on cost optimizations.

Budgeting Apps

Budgeting apps are mostly used for personal needs: regular users can see their financial situation, track and optimize their expenses, and plan their budget for a week/month/year.

Tax Management Software

This type of software is used for a better understanding of taxes, easier count of what users have to pay, and effortless payments with pre-made templates.

Our Success Case on Developing Enterprise-Wide Expandable Web-Platform

Facial Recognition in Clinical Trials


Our client is a top provider of low costs, fast business development, and high-quality service to its customers in the healthcare branch. Since they had numerous departments to manage, they wanted to create a single solution that keeps all the business sides in one place. Finance was one of those sides.

We had worked on creating a system that allows users to list their amount of work done and hand it over to the billing department for payment. It is used by trackers and billers since the feature provides insight into payer eligibility, notifying trackers/billers of changes. It helped our clients to track payments in a transparent way and avoid billing mistakes.


Marketing departments have become an essential part of any business who want to survive and outperform their competitors. However, marketing is rarely possible without technology that can create, spread, and analyze marketing campaigns.

Types of Software We Can Work On

Customer Relationship Management

CRM systems help marketers to manage every customer’s interaction with the business and lead them through the customer lifecycle, meaning finding, winning, and retaining them.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great platform for marketing but it requires quite a lot of effort. Schedule posts, manage DMs and comments, and analyze ad and content performance with software.

Analytics Software

Analysis of marketing efforts is the key to understanding whether your efforts are worth it. Measure the performance of pages, social media, ads, and other resources automatically.

Our Success Case on Creating a Solution for Reputation Management

Rater 8


Rater8 helps physicians to build a reputation online and attract more patients.

Langate has developed this platform with a great focus on accessibility and the easiness of marketing efforts. Rater8 facilitates doctors in getting 5-star reviews and mitigating unsatisfied clients, explains how to rank higher through SEO optimization, and gives a set of analytic tools with suggestions and visualizations.


There’s a long distance between formulating an industry-changing project idea and turning it into a fully operational product. At Langate, we know what it takes to grow a successful startup, as we’ve already helped to launch numerous projects that are successfully serving its customers and steadily expanding its reach to the new markets.

Types of Services We Provide

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

As of 2019, failure rates are around 90% for startups However, for your business to properly succeed you must determine product-market fit. Langate conducts a deep analysis of the market, conducts research on its main players, and defines your customer’s main pain points and preferences.

Business Advisory

Our experienced business advisors work on enhancing your product’s functionality, business model, and marketing plan to ensure quick and easy growth.

MVP Development

We leverage our extensive technical experience in order to create the MVP (minimum viable product). We test it with your target audience and improve the product to perfection according to the feedback collected.

Investment Capital Attraction

Langate will help to create the presentation for your idea and find venture investors to secure the needed funding and continuous support for your project.

Our Success Case on Launching a Startup for the Medical Industry

Case #1

Healthcare Medical Practice

Our client discovered that nurses spend 25% of their time reviewing documentation, including EHR/EMR. They wanted to simplify this process, as well as reduce the risks of germ transmission, so they came up with the idea of developing smart glasses for EHR/EMR display.

The client needed a software development partner that has expertise not only in developing innovative technological solutions but also in guiding them through the business development process. Thus, they contacted Langate.

  • As client’s business advisor, we’ve helped with business concept definition, design prototype creation, and funding attraction.
  • As client’s technology partner, we’ve developed all the functionality from scratch, set up smooth software integration with the Epic EHR system, and ensured full HIPAA compliance.
After the development of Proof of Concept, the client has collected feedback from nurses and hospitals, and we are currently working on improving the product’s functionality even further, integrating it with other EHR systems and creating a way for contactless interaction with the smart glasses.

Our Success Case on Developing Platform for Assistant Shopping


Healthcare Medical Practice

The market for cross-border eCommerce is projected to reach $1 Trillion in 2022 and 7 years ago Bunddler decided to create a platform for international assistant shopping. The client had a good understanding of the eCommerce landscape, and Langate had profound expertise in IT and business development. So, Bunddler contacted us to launch this startup.

  • As client’s business advisor, we analyzed the market, developed a fully-functioning product, and helped to expand the business to over 15 countries.
  • As client’s technology partner, we’ve created vast functionality, boosted security to prevent bot attacks, and optimized performance so the marketplace can process over 20,000 daily orders.
During 7 years of our cooperation with the client, the project transformed from a startup to a leading marketplace for assistant shopping that successfully serves over 2 million monthly users and works with over 4,000 businesses worldwide. The Langate team keeps working on the platform to increase its efficiency even further and keep up with the ever-changing market trends.

Our Success Case on Launching a Startup for the Medical Industry

Approved Admissions


Approved Admissions is a startup that helps healthcare institutions verify the patient’s insurance eligibility. To successfully provide the service, the platform should retrieve data from a variety of sources such as EMRs, practice management, therapy, and billing, all which store data in different formats. The client contacted Langate to solve this data integration challenge.

  • As client’s technology partner, Langate implemented a standard data map that helps to retrieve and match information from different databases.
  • As client’s business advisor, we analyzed the state of the software and defined the areas of improvement that eventually helped to enlarge platform’s reach. Thus, we’ve also optimized the performance for Approved Admissions to effectively process a large amount of data and applied such security improvements as multiple access levels and data encryption.
After the implementation of a solution developed by Langate, the startup has managed to grow its customer base from a dozen to 700 healthcare institutions.

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