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Hospital Management Software Development Services

In the current times, healthcare is no longer about treating patients, but also about improving their quality of life. While patient care is still an important aspect of any healthcare organization, it is now secondary to preventive and proactive measures.

Hospital Management Software Development Services 
A hospital management system manages all the activities and processes within a hospital or healthcare facility. It tracks appointments, stocks and inventory with the help of other integrated software applications.
more than 9% until 2025

Recently, the hospital management software market has grown exponentially and is expected to grow even further at a CAGR of more than 9% until 2025.

Benefits of Hospital Management Software

This rapid growth can be explained by the numerous benefits it provides to the hospital staff, service providers, management, and patients as follows:

Automated routine processes for medical workers

Hospital management software (HMS) reduces the paperwork that needs to be handled by medical staff. This way, doctors and nurses can spend more time with patients and fulfil their core tasks.

Easier scheduling for administrators

Hospital management system software organizes routine hospital tasks in a more effective way. Administrators can create schedules with less effort, send updates about changes in real-time, and learn what days are more popular among patients to schedule more staff for appointments.

Reduced costs for the entire organization

With hospital management software, you can improve the quality of patient care, encourage more patients to interact with health service providers, minimize human errors, control the billing process in a much more efficient way, reduce the number of missed appointments, and much more. In essence, all this leads to significant revenue increase and loss minimization.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of Hospital Management Software? Langate is here to assist you in every way we can!

Our team holds years of experience in developing a custom healthcare management solution that meets your business needs and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

Why Our Hospital Software Services?

20+ Years in Hospital Management Software Development 100+ Professionals Compliant Solutions Efficient and Affordable Services

20+ Years in Hospital Management Software Development

Langate has more than 20 years of vertical-specific experience. We understand the unique challenges the healthcare industry faces, how to make solutions that are easily adoptable by medical workers, and what features are most needed in hospital management software. We will hop on the projects quickly and gladly walk you through the process with our expansive knowledge of software development for hospital management systems.

100+ Professionals

Our experienced teams are ready to help you at any stage of development:

  • Our analysts will help you research the market and business needs
  • Our designers will create intuitive UX/UI
  • Our middle and senior developers will build the system from scratch
  • Our cybersecurity experts will be responsible for GDRP AND HIPAA compliance
  • Our testers will make sure that the application runs smoothly.

We also have talented project managers on the team to facilitate effective communication and time task accomplishments.

Compliant Solutions

We create solutions that fully adhere to the GDRP and HIPAA requirements. Our cybersecurity experts utilize advanced security measures to make sure that the loss of protected health information to unauthorized parties is as difficult as it can be so that your facility does not suffer from the heavy penalties and fines for violations.

Efficient and Affordable Services

A Langate, we have all the resources to make hospital information management system development as time-efficient as possible. As an innovative software development company with an R&D center in Ukraine, we offer more reasonable prices but deliver the same level of quality as in-house development teams from the USA or Western Europe.

We Offer Hospital Management Software Services

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Latest Epic Integration Cases by Langate

Smart Glasses for Medical Practice

Healthcare Medical Practice


We worked with an innovative startup in the healthcare industry. The client wanted to simplify access to medical information for nurses and minimize the risk of germ transmission.

So, they decided to develop software for EHR/EMR display through smart glasses. They contacted us to develop all the functionality from scratch, integrate the tool with the Epic system and ensure full compliance with HIPAA requirements.

We developed software that can pull the patient-related information such as the patient’s name, photo, bed number, lab results, medical history, prescribed medication, etc. after the nurse scans the QR code on the person’s bracelet. The MVP developed by Langate received positive feedback from hospitals and nurses, and we are planning to continue our cooperation with the client to develop the product’s functionality even further.

If you're looking forward to streamlining your healthcare business operations with custom software, we would love to hear from you!

Langate software hospital management software development services are preceded by in-depth project analysis aimed at identifying the main challenges, and researching similar products on the market, to create a solution that truly meets your specific needs.

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