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Custom Enterprise Software Development Services

Custom Enterprise Software Development Services
Enterprise software is the smartest way to manage the business. You can get a full business overview within one platform, rather than collecting data from different applications.
It significantly reduces the time spent on management and organization. The advantages of enterprise software also include process optimization, error minimization, more accurate analytics, and more informed decision-making.
spent $529 billion
In 2020, businesses spent $529 billion on enterprise software to have access to all the benefits described above.
Do you want to reach peak productivity and level up your organization while giving away fewer resources?

Then custom enterprise software development is exactly what you need. Develop a solution that meets all your unique business needs with Langate!

Why Our Software Services?

20+ Years of Experience in Software Development

100+ Professionals

Client-Centric Approach

Full-Cycle Development

Smooth Communication

20+ Years of Experience in Software Development

Our enterprise software development company doesn’t only possess solid expertise in coding. Langate also offers vast background knowledge in enterprise software engineering, the ability to hop on the projects quickly to assure fast time-to-market, the expertise in all cycles of software development, and dedication for challenges.

100+ Professionals

Our team has professionals that can cover all aspects of enterprise software development: middle and senior developers, designers, testers, cybersecurity professionals, and project managers. They have been through numerous projects and are happy to deliver the solution that combines the latest trends in enterprise software and addresses your business needs perfectly.

Client-Centric Approach

At Langate, we believe that custom software should be about you, your business, and its goals. We create software that solves your current and future problems, is easily adopted by the staff, and resembles your brand’s identity. Langate will help you with any enterprise software engineering services you may need and deliver the product on time and at a reasonable cost. Contact us to discuss your vision on what the software should be like!

Full-Cycle Development

We can carry out your project from a mere idea into full-functioning enterprise software that brings together all parts of your business. Our experts are ready to assist you in research, planning, design, development, quality assurance, and maintenance. Pull together an application from scratch without breaking a sweat.

Smooth Communication

Clear and straightforward communication is a core part of our business relationships with clients. We are attentive to all your wishes and visions to ensure that you can get the product you will love. Our project managers will help you track the progress of the development process and become a mediator between you and the development team. Get timely updates on your development project and get involved.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Custom Enterprise Software Development

We can help you build just the right solution for an increase in productivity and better organization. Langates offers enterprise application development for different kinds of software: 

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that combines CRM, financial, and inventory management
  • Client relationship management (CRM) system for contact and lead management, email marketing, social media marketing
  • Enterprise supply chain management software for inventory, shipping and order management
  • Human resource management (HRM) app for higher employee satisfaction

Just define what are the biggest challenges your organization currently faces and let us create the best technological solution to it!

Enterprise Mobility Services

Remote work makes both employees and employers happier: productivity increases by 35-40% and 48% of employees claim to have better work-life balance and better mental health. However, you need great technology to make remote work really comfortable and beneficial for everyone. Our enterprise application development services also include creating smart and secure solutions for managing numerous remote workers and supporting their corporate spirit.

Digital Transformation Services

The worldwide spendings on digital transformation has reached $1.3 trillion in 2020 and are expected to grow up to $2.39 in 2024. Do you want to join the league of optimized and automated businesses? We can help you to plan the big transformation. Let’s discover what parts of your business will benefit from the technologies, find processes that need optimization and create a cost-effective solution. Our aim is to create solutions that are easily scalable and flexible to ensure that you can add on new features if your business grows and needs more optimization.

Software Integration

Enterprises manage numerous tasks at once and every department needs its own solution. More often than not, companies use multiple cloud-based and on-premises applications for CRM, finance, employee management, marketing, etc. All the solutions are scattered across the enterprise and it takes so much time to understand what departments are doing and to create effortless collaboration. We can pull together all your applications in one system so that you get a full overview of the business.

Data Management

Having an enterprise means dealing with tons of data and it is difficult to keep track of everything. We can help you to organize the data for quicker and easier access and to store information securely to ensure access only to those who need it. 

We also offer solutions for data analysis and visualization: make more informed and successful decisions by using historical data and a full business overview. Netflix saves up to $1 billion per year on customer retention by using Big Data, and we know how to create reliable software for you to benefit from data analysis as well.

Legacy Application Modernization

Corporations in retail spend around 58% of their IT budget on maintaining the legacy software, and this percentage is high across all industries. The true cost of legacy applications consists of many hidden expenses. You lack security, can not scale or add new functionality and it is harder to find developers who can actually understand legacy apps. There is also a high risk that one day the application will simply fall apart because of the technical debt. 

We can save the familiar functionality and all the data while moving the system to newer and more secure platforms. Enjoy enhanced flexibility and new opportunities while keeping up with traditions.

Companies Who Trust Us

Our Success Case on Launching a Startup for the Medical Industry

Enahncing care with smart glasses
Healthcare Medical Practice

Our client discovered that nurses spend 25% of their time reviewing documentation, including EHR/EMR. They wanted to simplify this process, as well as reduce the risks of germ transmission, so they came up with the idea of developing smart glasses for EHR/EMR display.

The client needed a software development partner that has expertise not only in developing innovative technological solutions but also in guiding them through the business development process. Thus, they contacted Langate.

  • As client’s business advisor, we’ve helped with business concept definition, design prototype creation, and funding attraction.
  • As client’s technology partner, we’ve developed all the functionality from scratch, set up smooth software integration with the Epic EHR system, and ensured full HIPAA compliance.
After the development of Proof of Concept, the client has collected feedback from nurses and hospitals, and we are currently working on improving the product’s functionality even further, integrating it with other EHR systems and creating a way for contactless interaction with the smart glasses.

Our Success Case on Developing Platform for Assistant Shopping

Healthcare Medical Practice

The market for cross-border eCommerce is projected to reach $1 Trillion in 2022 and 7 years ago Bunddler decided to create a platform for international assistant shopping. The client had a good understanding of the eCommerce landscape, and Langate had profound expertise in IT and business development. So, Bunddler contacted us to launch this startup.

  • As client’s business advisor, we analyzed the market, developed a fully-functioning product, and helped to expand the business to over 15 countries.
  • As client’s technology partner, we’ve created vast functionality, boosted security to prevent bot attacks, and optimized performance so the marketplace can process over 20,000 daily orders.
During 7 years of our cooperation with the client, the project transformed from a startup to a leading marketplace for assistant shopping that successfully serves over 2 million monthly users and works with over 4,000 businesses worldwide. The Langate team keeps working on the platform to increase its efficiency even further and keep up with the ever-changing market trends.

Our Success Case on Launching a Startup for the Medical Industry

Approved Admissions

Approved Admissions is a startup that helps healthcare institutions verify the patient’s insurance eligibility. To successfully provide the service, the platform should retrieve data from a variety of sources such as EMRs, practice management, therapy, and billing, all which store data in different formats. The client contacted Langate to solve this data integration challenge.

  • As client’s technology partner, Langate implemented a standard data map that helps to retrieve and match information from different databases.
  • As client’s business advisor, we analyzed the state of the software and defined the areas of improvement that eventually helped to enlarge platform’s reach. Thus, we’ve also optimized the performance for Approved Admissions to effectively process a large amount of data and applied such security improvements as multiple access levels and data encryption.
After the implementation of a solution developed by Langate, the startup has managed to grow its customer base from a dozen to 700 healthcare institutions.

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