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Streamlining Operations for a Non-profit Organization with Power Apps 

Langate upgraded a non-profit’s portal with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Streamlining Operations for a Non-profit Organization with Power Apps 
Dynamics 365 and Power Platform


  • Data consolidation and import with Power Automate
  • Power BI integration for reporting
  • Dynamics 365 implementation


Langate transformed a non-profit organization’s client portal, catering to departments offering specialized services. The upgrade aimed to facilitate swift and accessible configuration and hosting for the portal. Dynamics 365, chosen for its built-in database operations and configuration-centric approach, coupled with Power Pages, Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate, delivers a tailored user experience. The robust authorization system, together with Power Apps and Power Automate workflows, has enhanced operational efficiency. This strategic integration secured access and fortified the portal’s integrity, ensuring optimal functionality. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learn how Langate developed a non-profit organization’s client portal using a combination of Dynamics 365 and Power Pages.

The client portal underwent a transformative upgrade by integrating Dynamics 365 and Power Pages, ensuring a tailored user experience and a sophisticated authorization system. Key enhancements encompass data format consolidation, seamless data importation, and robust readability measures. Validation mechanisms fortify the portal’s integrity, seamlessly connecting the entire system for optimal functionality.

The solution, anchored in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform tools, offers compelling advantages. Built-in database operations enhance efficiency while integrated automation streamlines processes, incorporating Power Automate workflows. Dynamics 365’s configuration-centric approach empowers independent system maintenance, ensuring long-term sustainability with minimal resources. This holistic approach, coupled with Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate, contributes to a dynamic user interface, maximizing operational efficiency and delivering a tailored experience for external users.

Streamlining Operations for a Non-profit Organization with Power Apps 

The Client

Our client is a non-profit organization with several departments that offer specific, separate services. The organization’s overall vision is for people in the community to have access to the services they need to enjoy a successful and rewarding life. These services include classes for children and teenagers, health and well-being programs, and career guidance.

The organization uses a client portal. Its main function is to allow people to book classes, discover career opportunities, and access vital support in times of need. The client turned to Langate to upgrade the portal to enable sufficiently fast and accessible configuration and hosting.

The Problem

Each of the organization’s departments had their own tools to perform their functions. Some had a database with an old and inefficient interface, while others had nothing but Excel files. Without automation tools, employees were poorly synchronized, which resulted in data inconsistency. Data was stored in different places and in different ways, meaning it wasn’t accurate or up-to-date. As a result, it was impossible to determine how employees were interacting with customers.

What’s more, heads of departments were expected to report to sponsors, making the lack of visibility into processes and communications even more problematic. Every day, all processes were carried out by hand. 
Transform Your Operations with Power Apps.

Primary Challenges

Consolidating Scattered Data

Data was scattered across various formats. Langate had to consolidate it into a single repository. We also had to import the existing data into a new system, ensuring its readability. 

Preventing Invalid Data Generation

We had to prevent users from generating invalid data. 

Standardizing Business Applications  

Each department had a different business application, presenting numerous challenges. To tackle this, we had to standardize database entity forms across all applications. Despite each app’s unique data entry format, the distinction of information, destination, and purpose must be clearly defined. 

Creating Custom Data Controls 

Langate had to tackle the need to isolate specific data that wasn’t provided out of the box. We had to create five or more custom controls to display data in formats required by the client, ensuring a clear understanding of the interactions between different components. 

Integrating Dynamic Reports with Power BI

To overcome issues with reports, we implemented Power BI in pilot mode. Recognizing the inconvenience of navigation, all reports had to be seamlessly integrated into the site maps of the apps themselves. These reports should respond dynamically to the data stored within the apps. 

The Process

To upgrade the client portal, our team used Dynamics 365 and Power Pages, focusing on Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate for a better user experience and robust authorization.
 Key project aspects included:

  • Consolidation of diverse data formats
  • Seamless importation of existing data
  • Implementation of data readability measures

We established comprehensive validation mechanisms to prevent invalid data and created consistent forms for database entities. Power BI integration improved reporting, and Power Apps and Power Automate streamlined workflows, resulting in a tailored user experience with advanced reporting capabilities.

The Solution

Langate offered a solution that incorporates Dynamics 365 (Microsoft Power Platform tools in particular, including Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate) due to several compelling factors. Here are some of them: 

Built-in database operations

We chose Dynamics 365 because of its inherent database operating capability. The platform provides a specific framework that significantly reduces the efforts associated with administrative tasks. This built-in functionality contributes to data management efficiency within the client portal.

Integrated automation

The platform’s versatility extends to automation capabilities integrated into the system’s configuration. This streamlines processes and allows for the seamless incorporation of Power Automate workflows, enhancing the portal’s overall automation potential. 

Configuration-centric approach

A noteworthy aspect of Dynamics 365 is its configuration-centric approach, with approximately 90% of the work executed at the configuration level rather than the development level. This empowers the organization to maintain its system independently in the future. Minimal resources will be required for ongoing system maintenance, contributing to long-term sustainability. 

Streamlining Operations for a Non-profit Organization with Power Apps 
Transform Your Operations with Power Apps.

Achievements and Future Plans

  • The client has received a whole family of business applications, which are configured according to each department’s unique requirements. This has enabled them to work separately. Data across the whole organization is now available to everyone. 
  • External actions, such as filling out forms and making requests, will be possible in the future. 
  • All business apps are ready to go live with current data. 
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