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Overcoming Healthcare Data Integration Challenges

  • Establishing data interchange between multiple healthcare systems
  • Reshaping the interaction between professionals
  • Improving the data of treatment plans


Healthcare facilities

1+ mln

Transactions daily

Simplifying Data Integration in Healthcare
Overcoming Healthcare Data Integration Challenges


Healthcare data integration, data validation analysis in the electronic medical record, IT integration to the medical data.


Having created a top-quality platform for everyone through universal data interchange, Langate has put healthcare digital integration onto a higher level.

Project Scope

Tech Lead
Business Analyst
Project Manager

Tech Stack


NHibernate 3
Windows Services
SQL Server 2014
Enterprise Service Bus


Angular 1.6
Metronic Theme



Get to know how Langate established cross-platform data integration in healthcare!

The healthcare system has made a giant leap in modern technology implementation. IT integration has revolutionized the health tracking system by applying EMR data integration, reshaping the interaction between health professionals, and improving the decisions made about treatment plans, health outcomes, and more.

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The Client

Langate was proud to cooperate with Approved Admissions, a service for data validation in healthcare, which automatically monitors the changes in such insurance providers' data as Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO and provides the relevant information about insurance eligibility as well as the up-to-date list of residents.

Working on the Approved Admissions project, Langate created a full-featured eligibility verification system that works on any device and enables data interchange across all healthcare IT platforms.

The Problem

Many platforms in the modern healthcare system are used to improve data analysis: EMRs, practice management, billing, and therapy.

They all receive and store data differently, which was a significant problem for Approved Admissions. So they have contacted Langate, as we have deep expertise in creating healthcare IT integration solutions that resolve the main issues of big data interexchange.

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Primary Challenges

While working on the Approved Admissions project, Langate has faced many healthcare data integration challenges. Incorporating the ability to be used by any platform and enabling big data processing are some of the obstacles we needed to overcome.

Platform Optimization

To successfully provide client service, Approved Admission processes, organizes, and stores a massive amount of data.

So, they needed platform optimization to improve performance and allow various healthcare to access the system from any device.

Data Processing

EHR adoption rates are now higher than ever at around 87%. Data integration of electronic medical records, translation, and normalization are still considered to be the main target points of healthcare companies. For this purpose, Approved Admissions needed to develop a solution for data processing and its conversion to easily integrate into any platform.

Healthcare Data Integration Solution

After our Business Analyst thoroughly investigated the current state of the Approved Admissions system, the main target points, and the growth areas, we have created a detailed IT integration strategy for healthcare solutions.

We have developed a custom solution that overcomes all mentioned healthcare data integration challenges.

To present its benefits, we will introduce several resolutions implemented to the Approved Admissions platform to make it more efficient and easier to use for any healthcare unit.

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The Feedback

The company can now grow its customer base from a dozen to over 700 healthcare organizations thanks to Langate Corp's efforts. Transactions also went up from a thousand daily to over a million monthly. The team exhibited expertise and a deep understanding of the industry.

Alan Dworetsky

Business Development Director
Approved Admissions
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Achievements and Future Plans

  • Needless to say, the Approved Admissions system, developed in cooperation with Langate, is currently one of the top players in its niche.
  • It automatically monitors and reports changes in various healthcare systems, thus significantly simplifying the process of patient eligibility verification.
  • The Approved Admissions users cannot only get high-quality service but also forget about the limitations brought by their own systems.
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700+ healthcare facilities

After implementing Langate’s solutions, Approved Admissions partnered with 700 healthcare facilities, significantly increasing its client base.

1+ mln transactions daily

Now the platform processes over 1 million transactions daily, thus successfully serving medical units nationwide.

The future perspectives of this platform include constant improvements due to the latest digital trends:
Covering and operating huge amounts of big data
Modern methods of processing and presenting information to the final consumer

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