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Simplifying Healthcare Integration


  • Variety of platforms to support.
  • Each platform requires a unique approach and data format.
  • Data translation/normalization for cross-platform data transit.
  • Any-to-any platform data transit capabilities.
  • Scheduled data transit operations.


Langate developed a custom solution (“Approved Admissions Bridge”) to address the challenges listed above. Key deliverables:
  • Highly scalable micro-services architecture capable of supporting unlimited number of source and target systems.
  • Per source data maps and translators for all common protocols and support for web-based data ingestion.
  • Smart data pattern recognition and flexible data distribution model.
  • Adaptable scheduler for data operations with exceptional handling and notifications.


With Bridge, our client was able to start offering data transport services to its customers and continue to outpace its competition through flexibility of data access. Check it out: https://www.approvedadmissions.com/bridge


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