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Power Platform Solutions Enhancing Manufacturing Business

  • Data Implemented with MS Project
  • Business Needs Accomplished with MS Power Platform and Azure
  • Issues Solved with the Help of Paylocity
Power Platform Solutions Enhancing Manufacturing Business
Power Platform Solutions Enhancing Manufacturing Business


  • Combined client’s personalized system with Microsoft Project
  • Allowed client to preserve detailed historical records of worker time on each project stage
  • Created secure gateways to link with the system’s API


Langate streamlined integration for the client by employing Microsoft products and minimizing custom code, resulting in swift and efficient implementation. This approach simplified data management, empowering the client to handle it themselves and make basic changes independently.

Project Scope


Tech Stack

MS Project 
Power Automate
Azure Functions

Find out how Langate merged a client’s custom pass system with Microsoft Project and optimized their Paylocity system to store their data as long as necessary. 

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. Langate successfully enhancing a client’s Paylocity data management is one such success story. This case study delves into Langate’s transformative experience of merging custom systems with Microsoft Project, optimizing payroll data storage capabilities. 

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The Client

The company has provided custom boat construction since 1964. With the rapid growth of new technology, tooling, and equipment, they strive to provide employees with the latest resources to do their jobs and do them well. One of these tools is a high-tech pass that tracks employees’ working hours on the backend system. 

The management side of the business work with Microsoft Project. For each construction or repair job, a Project is created. For example, management create a new project whenever a boat comes in for repair and they receive approval for the work. In this Project, each stage of work will be described and have a certain time allocated to it. 

The Problem

Halfway through a project, the client couldn’t tell whether they were following the work schedule or not or how much time workers had spent building or repairing the boat. Ideally, every day, they needed to see how many hours had been accumulated for each project, and since the pass system was custom, integrating it into the Microsoft Project was an additional, separate task for Langate.

For this, the Power Automate and Azure Function tools were used to integrate new features, enabling management to receive data on the time workers spend on jobs.
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Primary Challenges

Merging the Systems

Langate had to merge two different systems: the custom pass system and Microsoft Project.

Optimizing the Paylocity System

Paylocity only stored the data on employees’ hours for a month, so we had to think of an intermediate database system to store the data as long as necessary. What must be in different Paylocity attributes was in one field. Our task was to separate them to enable the data to be manipulated. 

On-Premises Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project’s API is highly secure, so Langate needed to build secure gateways for communication. 

The Solution

Better Enterprise Management with an Expandable Web Platform
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  • By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft products, custom code was applied — but minimally. This meant Langate was able to make the integration less long and difficult than if it had been built solely with programming language. The platform facilitates development from a development point of view, reducing the time and effort required.
  • The client can handle their data management independently and make basic changes (except to the minimal custom code). Our expert developed a general app that automatically pulls all the changes made by the worker. With this and the additional database, we have simplified the administration of the client’s data. Plus, there is no need to administrate internal servers.
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