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Patient Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and Analysis Platform


  • Patients’ data is often duplicated in multiple systems. To resolve this issue, a solution that can find corresponding records and properly attach them to a single master source is needed.
  • Data may have typos, incorrect values in key identifiers – social security number, DOB, HICN, etc.
  • Limited amount of time to download and transform large amount of data (gigabytes) on a daily basis.
  • Mixture of source systems: different versions of SQL Server, FoxPro, custom APIs and CSV uploads in different formats.
  • Data normalization to achieve field-level data consistency. I.e. same hospital or doctor may be spelled differently in different source systems.


Langate developed a custom solution that extracts, transforms and loads patient data into the central data warehouse. Key deliverables:
  • Scalable data processing workflows which run on multiple servers in parallel.
  • Automatic intelligent data analysis and matching algorithm which is tolerant of data variance.
  • Configurable semi-automatic mapping engine for data normalization.


  • The resulting solution produces point of reference patient information as a superset of data imported from different systems.
  • All non-reconciled data mistakes and discrepancies are automatically reported to the responsible party.
  • APEX was able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on manually maintaining patients’ data.


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