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Internal Social Network with PCC Integration

Langate integrated PCC, enabling secure communication and data sharing.

Internal Social Network with PCC Integration
Overcoming healthcare data integration challenges, Langate ensured platform versatility. 


  • Integrated PCC to establish communication between elderly patients in nursing homes and their relatives, enabling the sharing of daily life information.
  • Developed two separate portals, one for family members and another for the facility, ensuring secure and efficient data management.
  • Implemented data security measures to protect patient information and verification processes for relatives accessing the platform.


Langate's client needed a solution to connect elderly patients with their relatives. We developed a social network-like platform, integrating the PCC. Langate ensured secure data management with two portals and implemented stringent security measures. 

Project Scope
Project Manager
Tech Stack
SQL Server

Learn how Langate Integrated PCC and Drove the Bridge Between Nursing Home Patients and Their Relatives, Creating an Internal Social Network.  

By leveraging PCC integration, Langate facilitated seamless communication, enabling families to stay updated on their loved ones’ well-being, activities, and care. This innovative solution not only enhances transparency and engagement but also improves patients’ overall quality of life while providing peace of mind to their families.

Internal Social Network with PCC Integration

The Client

The client embarked on an internal project, marking our debut with PCC integration. Recognizing its usability, we collaborated on creating a new product tailored for nursing homes. This innovative service was a social network for patients and their relatives. It provided a platform for relatives to stay connected and informed about their loved ones’ lives and activities within the nursing home.

The Problem

The problem was connecting elderly patients in nursing homes, many of whom lack access to technology, with their relatives. They needed a solution to bridge this communication gap, providing relatives with insights into their daily lives, including activities, meals, clinical data, and medication information.

To address this, the integration of PCC was pivotal in establishing effective communication and information sharing.
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Primary Challenges

Dealing with a new API 

Working with a new API was challenging because we needed to familiarize ourselves with its documentation, endpoints, and data structures. 

Exchange of documentation 

It was crucial for a successful integration that the client and the development team exchanged and understood all necessary documentation.  

Frequent communication with PCC representatives  

Since the PCC representatives were constantly working on system updates, regular communication was needed to stay updated on any changes that could affect the integration process.  

Limitations of the API  

Like many APIs, the PCC API had limitations, such as restrictions on the number of requests that could be made within a specific timeframe. This required careful data planning and management to ensure that the application could function within these limits without compromising performance or functionality. 

Processing a large amount of data 

Nursing homes generate a significant amount of data related to patient care. A key challenge was ensuring that the system could efficiently process and manage this large volume of data. 

The Process

The project began with identifying the need for a solution to connect elderly patients in nursing homes with their relatives. The decision to create a social network-like platform led to the integration of the PCC API.

Challenges included navigating a new API, exchanging documentation, and managing frequent updates from PCC. Due to API limitations on request volumes, careful data management was crucial. The team worked closely with PCC representatives, adapting to their continuous system updates.

We successfully delivered a platform that provides relatives with insights into patients’ daily lives, fostering closer connections and peace of mind.

The Solution

Two Portals 

Thanks to PCC integration, we developed separate portals for family members and nursing home facilities, ensuring distinct systems for each user group. 

Data Security 

Implemented robust data security measures to protect patient information, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards. 

Relatives Verification 

Established a verification process for relatives accessing the platform, ensuring only authorized users can view patient information, thus enhancing privacy and security. 

Internal Social Network with PCC Integration
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Achievements and Future Plans

  • Successfully passed the first verification with PCC, demonstrating compliance. 
  • Enabled transparent access to relevant information for relatives through PCC, improving patients' health outcomes and mental stability. 
  • Implementing an online shop for relatives to order flowers and gifts for their loved ones in nursing homes. 
  • Installing video call facilities for patients, enhancing communication and connection with their families. 
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