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Enterprise-Wide Expandable Web Platform with Modular Architecture


  • Multi-tenant support with multiple levels (child companies within parent company).
  • Accessed by both, internal and external users and customers.
  • Granular security.
  • Provide framework support for rapid development of new modules for business units.
  • Single Sign-On for Active Directory users.
  • Complex workflow-based rule sets for a variety of business units and customers.


In collaboration with Apex, Langate developed a custom web-based enterprise platform that addressed all of the challenges listed above. Using the “Extended Team” approach allowed Apex to direct the overall product strategy and adjust priorities at any point, with Langate’s team responsible for execution and deliverables. Key features of the new platform:
  • Enterprise-grade 3–tier modular architecture.
  • Variety of modules for business units and customers.
  • Granular multi-level permission-based security.
  • Workflow rules and automations.
  • Event based notifications.


  • Apex started offering this platform as a SaaS for the US market which lead to an influx of new business for the company.
  • Process automation resulted in productivity increases across the enterprise.
  • Additional revenue gained through introduction of PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Management) module.
  • Improved ROI for customers utilizing the new platform.


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