Employee Change Management Solution With Active Directory Integration


  • Support multiple domain controllers and forests.
  • Non-normalized Active Directory structure with combination of different forests/domain trees (e.g. some domains may contain one customer, while others would include multiple customers).
  • MS Exchange tasks automation for different versions (from 2010 to 2016).
  • Job code-based workflows for different clients.


Langate developed a web-based Employee Change Management solution as a plug-in module for enterprise-wide expandable web platform. All of the challenges were addressed in this module, and it contains the following key features:
  • Automated user provisioning/deprovisioning.
  • Rule-based configuration.
  • Approval-based workflow.
  • MS Exchange management and automation.
  • Audit and monitoring.


  • Apex was able to significantly reduce employee setup time, amount of on/off-boarding effort and errors.
  • Reduction in setup time lead to an increased level of satisfaction by customers and internal departments.