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Document Management System with WebDAV Access


Solution should:
  • Have all key functionality available in a modern document management system.
  • Allow access for both Active Directory SSO and non-AD accounts.
  • Support load balancing and high availability.
  • Provide file upload via API and WebDAV.


Langate developed a custom document management system that addressed all of the challenges identified above. Key features:
  • Distributed file storage that supports multiple locations using DFS and Amazon S3.
  • Supports AD SSO and non-AD users.
  • Advanced ACLs based on user and groups permissions.
  • WebDAV support for ease of direct access and processes automation.
  • Custom fields and attributes.


  • All Apex’s customers were transitioned to the new document management system.
  • Cost of maintenance and support was drastically decreased.
  • Reporting team automated report distribution using WebDAV.


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