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Custom Development of eCommerce Platform

Through a robust data management solution, we optimized the client’s operations by enhancing shopping assistants’ workflows. This resulted in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2+ mln

Monthly visitors


Countries of operation


Unique orders daily


Businesses working with Bunddler

Custom Development of eCommerce Platform
Better Enterprise Management with Expandable Web Platform


  • High-load optimization
  • Vast functionality development
  • Security enhancement
  • Platform maintenance


Langate worked with Bunddler to provide expert eCommerce development services. We streamlined workflows and enabled the client to meet all the requirements of a modern marketplace.

Project Scope
Project Manager
Tech Stack
SQL server

Find out how Langate developed a high-load marketplace from scratch

Statistics show that 54% of digital shoppers in the US have made an online purchase from a foreign website at least once. Even though cross-border eCommerce is associated with problems such as late deliveries and additional duty fees, its market is still expected to reach $8.1 trillion by the end of 2024. One of our clients decided to utilize Langate’s technology expertise to address the challenges of cross-border shopping.

Custom Development of eCommerce Platform

The Client

Bunddler contacted us to develop an eCommerce platform that makes worldwide shopping easy and affordable by connecting shoppers to shopping assistants. At the time (a decade ago), the company was a startup. Now, Bunddler is a highly scalable and efficient web-based marketplace for worldwide shopping. The platform has over 2 million monthly visitors from 15 countries and provides tools for managing different shopping processes.

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The Challenge

The primary problem

was to build a versatile platform from scratch that provides a plethora of shopping services. Bunddler wanted us to develop a fully optimized and high-performing SaaS platform MVP that shoppers could rely on. After years of fruitful collaboration, we developed a robust web-based international marketplace that connects shoppers to shopping assistants, allowing them to purchase goods globally.

The platform can now handle

over 20,000 unique orders daily.

The Process

As part of the process of creating the marketplace, we developed a high-performing, scalable, and stable platform that was convenient for shopping assistants and shoppers alike. We built everything from scratch, creating a custom software architecture that meets users’ needs. Since it targeted international trade, the platform needed to be clear and accessible for people of all ages and nationalities. 

To help customers find a web shopping assistant and shipping company on the platform, Langate focused on the ASP.NET MVC technology and ASP.NET Core API server backend. Moreover, we developed two chatbots to provide high performance and customer engagement.

The Solution

Langate focused on the following tasks while creating Bunddler’s eCommerce platform:
Custom Development of eCommerce Platform

The Feedback

Thanks to the efforts of the Langate team, the company is now a marketplace with over 1 million monthly visitors and a highly efficient SaaS platform. The company as it is now would not exist without the attentive and responsive guidance of Langate.

Inna Kovalenko

Director of Product Management & Marketing
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Achievements and Future Plans

  • Bunddler is now a vibrant platform with over 2 million monthly users from 15 countries. They have saved significantly on hosting over the past years due to code efficiency and have benefited from code and module updates.
  • Bunddler’s future plans revolve around continuous platform enhancement to ensure a positive user experience. Implementing the latest digital trends will improve the workflow and allow the marketplace to expand.
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