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Simplifying Data Integration in Healthcare

Having created a top-quality platform for everyone through universal data interchange, Langate has put healthcare digital integration onto a higher level.

Custom Organizational Change Management Software Solution

Langate has created a custom change management system to simplify the work of organizational units of healthcare facilities with IT technologies.

Facilitating Effortless and Reliable Document Management

A custom document management system that supports effortless document management and process automation in enterprises with numerous clients.

Streamlining Data Operations in Healthcare

Langate created a data extract, transform, and load (ETL) platform that streamlines the extraction, transformation, and loading of patient data from a variety of sources.

Better Enterprise Management with an Expandable Web Platform

Langate created an expandable enterprise-wide platform that provides a clear view of the enterprise as well as automation of business processes.

Healthcare Reputation Management Platform Optimization

Langate enhanced the client’s reputation management platform by optimizing its performance, increasing security, and implementing new advanced features.

Facial Recognition Solution for Patient and Staff Identification

Langate created a web-based platform and mobile app for iOS and Android with facial recognition; contributing to more efficient healthcare database management.

Social Employee Recognition SaaS

Langate has cooperated with the client on an staff augmentation model and provided constant improvement of the social employee recognition platform.

Custom Development of eCommerce Platform

Langate provides expert eCommerce development services, streamlining workflows, and enabling clients to meet all the requirements for a modern marketplace.

Accessing Patient Data Through Smart Glasses

Langate has created software for accessing EHR through smart glasses for high-quality and effective healthcare.

Innovative Currency Exchange Platform: Accessible and Secure  

Langate has enhanced platform performance and security by implementing the FIX (Financial Information eXchange) Protocol, ensuring swift, precise, and secure currency exchange in adherence to high-competitive industry standards.

Power Platform Solutions Enhancing Manufacturing Business

Langate merged a client’s custom pass system with Microsoft Project and optimized their Paylocity system to store their data as long as necessary.

    Internal Social Network with PCC Integration

    Langate integrated PCC and drove the bridge between nursing home patients and their relatives, creating an internal social network.

    Streamlined Appointment Scheduling and Data Management with System Integrations 

    Langate helped a SaaS company overcome problems with manual appointment management and the need for a more centralized database.

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