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Middle/Senior WordPress Developer  _Imagis


Full Time


About the project: 

 Currently, we are spearheading a project for an IT digital transformation firm with a longstanding commitment to addressing the technological requirements of Non-Profits, Biotech, Biomed, and other Healthcare IT companies, spanning a successful tenure of over 25 years. Our overarching vision is to cultivate a future where individuals are seamlessly connected, resourceful, and empowered to unlock their full potential through technology. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to provide the ultimate digital workplace experience, enabling people to collaborate securely with technology and striking a harmonious balance between productivity and security




  • At least 3-year experience with WordPress 
  • Strong knowledge of front-end development (HTML, CSS/SCSS, JQuery, JavaScript)
  • Good knowledge of PHP 
  • Good knowledge of Webpack 
  • Good knowledge of GIT 
  • Understanding of on-page SEO principles 
  • Understanding of WP template structure, WP ecosystem
  • Experience in creating WordPress themes from scratch
  • Intermediate+ English level  
  • Required portfolio!  




  • Website development from scratch 
  • Closely communication with the designer and team lead 
  • Independent decision making 
  • Execution of tasks from the team lead 


Team: Lead WordPress developer, backend developer, content writer, designer, marketing lead, SEO consultants  

This is a part-time position with up to 6-8 hours a day for a short-term project.

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