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Grow your career

We are a team of professionals, who are dedicated to deliver the best experience we have. Being a global technology company, we are looking for exceptional talents who desire to contribute to a team where investment in people is a key distinctive criteria. 

At Langate, we truly believe, that the best way to build the prosperous and successful future is to support our team members. We offer our candidates with professional development opportunities and a culture that encourage and support the personal growth of our talents. We invite you to learn more about Langate and join our great team.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Our Equal Employment Opportunity policy embraces the ideology of diversity and is based on the philosophy that all our employees must be treated equitably. 

1. We are committed to promote and achieve equal opportunities for all our job applicants and employees. 

2. We don’t discriminate against our employees based on personal preferences, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, nationality, disability status, race, color or other characteristics. 

3. We strive to create a positive working environment in which all our employees are able to provide the best use of their skills, free from harassment, and where all decisions are based on merit. 

4. Our policy applies to all our employees, whether they are permanent, temporary, part-time or on fixed-term contracts.

As a global software company, at Langate, we are committed to compliance with the local laws and regulations of those countries in which we operate.