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Extended and Managed Teams

Your team in our office (R&D Center)

This option is best when:
  • You are having a hard time locating or retaining high-quality and cost-effective talent in your location
  • You need to add features or products separate from the main focus of your core team
  • Your budget is tight and you need to deliver more with less
  • You are under pressure to quickly deliver results and don’t have enough time for a lengthy hiring process

Start Contract

Our contracts and terms are simple and straightforward. We are subcontractors that work for you and build your products. We are able to sign BAAs where necessary.

(2—4 weeks)

Based on your requirements and resource availability we either assign personnel from our internal pool, or go through the hiring process for you. All of our employees are full time.

Work Starts
(Week 5 — ∞)

Our personnel start to work as a part of your team, reporting to your project managers and team leads and matching your team’s methodology: Agile, Scrum, etc.