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Langate is an IT service provider helping companies of different sizes develop innovative solutions and solve complex challenges. We always have the client's best interest in mind, so we profoundly analyze the current state of the business and its goals. Our full immersion into a project and deep tech expertise help us develop cutting-edge software that brings value to end-users and fosters business growth.

Problems We'll Help You Solve

Quickly Scale Your Team

We have more than 90 software experts to implement projects of any difficulty and size. Our developers, testers, designers, product managers, analysts, and other niche experts will join your team to drive sufficient performance growth.

Develop Innovative Solutions For Your Business

We have 20+ years of experience in specific niches including Healthcare, Enterprise, and Digital Transformation. Accumulating industry-specific knowledge about problems and trends helps us find better solutions in a shorter period of time.

Save Business Operations Costs

Outsourcing is a great option for tight budgets and limited time. We offer reasonable prices while delivering better quality, reducing time-to-market, providing effective communication models, and boosting the efficiency of your business processes. Save up to 30% on development costs with us.

With over 20 years of vertical-specific software development expertise, we lead clients on a journey modernize and advance their technologies and help them achieve business goals faster, smarter, leaner.

Langate in numbers

5 +

Years average length of client engagement

450 +

Companies using our products

17 +

Years in healthcare and enterprise software development

95 +

Professionals focused on healthcare and enterprise solutions


To help clients accelerate product innovation and reduce the total cost of ownership


To become the leading global software development provider for the healthcare and enterprise markets


We value relationships, maintain a fun and engaging environment for our employees and strive for perfection

Key reasons to choose Langate

US-based company with a strong reputation as a reliable vendor

Best-in-class recruitment and HR processes

Highly skilled and experienced team able to hit the ground running

Transparent communications with vertical-specific language and understanding

Security and performance-oriented code, responsive team, always on the lookout for improvement

Strong leadership, management teams, and industry-leading HR processes lead to 99% retention of talent

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is here to make sure that clients get a smoothly working end product that solves business problems

Vlad Vakser | CEO

Vlad Vakser


Pavel Kovalenko | CTO

Pavel Kovalenko


Anton Vasilkovsky | Langate

Anton Vasilkovsky

Managing Director

Borys Schukin | Langate

Borys Schukin

Financial Director

Irina Chernogorskaya | Langate

Irina Chernogorskaya

HR Generalist

Vladislav Zotov | Langate

Vladislav Zotov

Lead .NET Developer

Viktoria Petrienko | Langate

Viktoria Petrienko

Design Team Lead

Anna Krivets | Langate

Anna Krivets

Head of Marketing

Our Offices

United States Ukraine
  • Kharkov

    Ukraine Headquarters, Serpova Street 4B, Kharkov, Ukraine 61000

    Services Provided:

    Project Management

    Software Development

    IT Operations & DevOps

    DBA Operations


  • Lviv

    Coming Soon...

New Jersey
Long Island SVG
New York SVG
Kharkov SVG
Lviv SVG

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